All Hilidream Camp Web Event Recipes In Genshin Impact

Decorate the Hilichurl camp with your crafted Furniture items. Use these Hilidream Camp Recipes in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact always has something new for players and this time, it’s a web event. In the Hilidream Camp event, you have the chance to earn Primogems and more rewards by making furnishing. Naturally, you are looking for the Hilidream Camp Recipes list in Genshin Impact and that’s where we will help you out. Here are all the recipes you will need to create furniture to decorate the Hilichurl camp and unlock various rewards.

Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp Recipes

It’s time to experiment with different combinations and materials. Once you have selected the items, start crafting furniture for the Hilichurls in the camp.

Hilidream Camp Web Event Recipe List

Furniture item Materials for Hilidream Camp Recipes 
Bed Wood, Bucket, Bowl
Cabinet Wood, Wood, Bucket
Carpet Bowl, Bowl, Bundle
Mask Wood, Bowl, Bundle
Mask Rack Wood, Bucket, Bucket
Ladder Wood, Bucket, Bundle
Lamp Grass Bucket, Bowl, Bowl
Folding Screen Wood, Wood, Bundle
Stool Wood, Bowl, Bowl
Paper Lamp Bucket, Bucket, Bowl
Pot Wood, Bundle, Bundle
Table Wood, Wood, Bowl
Unusual Portrait Bucket, Bundle, Bundle
Dancing Tree Bucket, Bucket, Bundle
Stone Stove Bucket, Bowl, Bundle

Your rewards will include Mora, Hero’s Wit and more. Do note that you can use a material more than one time and also the order of the items does not matter. The combination is of utmost importance. Also, don’t repeat recipes because you don’t want to waste an attempt.

genshin impact hilidream camp recipes full list

Thanks to Illusione-Tempus for this image.

Keep in mind that if you combine some items, you won’t get furniture that you can use to decorate. But you won’t leave empty handed because you will get Mora for it as compensation.

Note that these are the failed furnishing items:

  • Broom: Rewarded with 1000 Mora
  • Giant Wooden Club: Rewarded with 1000 Mora

How to Decorate Hilichurl Camp in Genshin Impact

With the furnishing items crafted, it will be time to decorate the Hilichurl Camp. Follow these steps below:

how to decorate hilichurl camp in genshin impact

  • Click on the Return Inside button to go inside the Hilidream Camp.
  • Check the bottom right section of the game which will have the decorate button. It’s the one in the center.
  • Then it’s time to decorate and have fun.
  • When you think you are done, you can take a snap using the camera icon.
  • Don’t forget to do this because even this will get you some quick cash.
  • To go back out, click on the third button which will bring you outside.

That’s all about the Hilidream Camp Recipes list in Genshin Impact and how to get started with decorating. Go ahead and show off your creativity.

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