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Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Review

Is the Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle DLC good? Is it going to be worth the Time? Find out through this review.

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle expansion has finally been released and the hype for it has been unreal. The new expansion to ESO adds a new storyline to a faraway Island called the High Isle and its sister Isle called Amenos. Here is the burning question, Is ESO: High Isle good? Is it worth your Time & Money? Here is a review on the good, the bad, & everything in between about Elder Scrolls Online High Isle so that you won’t have to stress.

Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Review

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Warning:- Before we can get into the Review of the High Isle expansion in Elder Scrolls Online, here is something you will need to know. This review will contain minor spoilers so if you don’t want the DLC to get spoiled then click off from this Review.

Now that’s out of the way, here is my Review on the High Isle DLC in Elder Scrolls Online. Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is the newest Zone where players can choose and start their adventures. As you complete the Tutorial area, this will occur for new players, you will get to your Zone Portal Room. The main Portal is going to High Isle and once you click on it, you will teleport to the amazing paradise of High Isle.

The Story of Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

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Once you get through the Zone Portal Room. You will enter the Realm of High Isle. From there you are put through a series of Quests to help the people of Gonfalon Bay, the main City of operations. The premise of the story is quite different from the prior DLCs. Instead of an impending World Doom kind of story, High Isle is based on political power and the Three Banners War. In this story, you are a Hero who stumbled into the High Isle where you choose to help the people of authority like Lady Arabelle Davaux & Lord Bacaro Volorus. Why? Well, because there is an imminent threat to the peace of the High Isle and the people of the Isle from the Ascendant Order.

The Ascendant Order is an organization of Knights whose objective is to overthrow the Nobles of power, eliminate them, and assume power for the good of the people. They are the antagonist of the Story and the leader of the Ascendant Order is The Ascendant Lord & The Ascendant Magus. The series of Quest will get you to explore the Islands of High Isle & Amenos. Along the way, you will meet many characters with compelling Stories & Side-Quests. Whatever the case is, you have to save the people. That is your Duty & mission.

World Setting of High Isle

The World Setting of the High Isle DLC is split into main Islands, those being High Isle & Amenos. These two Islands are contrasts to each other. One is Paradise & the other is Purgatory. High Isle is the Island of property and wealth. It is also a very famous getaway location for the Nobles of Tamriel. On the other hand, Amenos is an unforgiving Island filled with outcasts and people who were exiled. Amenos is like Alcatraz of the DLC and is tougher to traverse as compared to High Isle.

High Isle is filled with different POIs, scenic lands, & NPCs that have unique personalities. On top of that, there are Quests and PvP Events that allow you and your Friends to part take. Along your journey, you will see other online players and interact with them to Duel, befriend, party up, & more.

Tales of Tribute

tales of tribute

Tales of Tribute is the main focus of the Elder Scrolls Online High Isle DLC. It is a 1v1 Card Game that you can play with the NPCs & other Players. The Game starts with both players choosing two Decks from the 8 possible Decks. After that, you will have to earn Gold and increase your Power in the game. This will allow you to increase your Prestige. Gold, Power & Prestige are the main resources of the Tales of Tribute Card game. The first Player to 40 Prestige or gain the favor of all the Patrons is the winner.

It is a very fun and interesting game. If you are a fan of games like Hearthstone & YuGiOh, you will enjoy it. It is a bit tricky at first but easy to understand after that. You can collect the Cards from these Decks by completing Side-Quests & Events.

What’s New in EOS High Isle?

The DLC brings in a lot of new Content. The 2 new locations are High Isle & Amenos and both have their set of Quests. Along with that, there are new Armor Sets, Pets, Mounts, Companions, Trial Events, Public Dungeons, World Bosses, World Events, & Druids. The Armor Sets that are in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle are:

  • Blessing of High Isle Set
  • Coral Riptide Set
  • Druid’s Braid Set
  • Order’s Wrath Set
  • Pearlescent Ward Set
  • Pillager’s Profit Set
  • Serpent’s Disdain Set
  • Steadfast’s Mettle Set
  • Systres’ Scowl Set
  • Whorl of the Depths Set

The two new Companions who were added are Ember & Isobel. Ember is a Khajit Sorcerer who is perfect for pickpocketing, thievery, & other sneaky tasks along with Magic aid. She is perfect to induce Chaos as she is a living embodiment of it. The other Companion, Isobel, is a Templar of Breton descent. She is an aspiring Knight devoted to the cause. Her support will be amazing for you and your team. The new Mounts & Pets you can get from the Collectors Edition are Amenos Ornaug mount & Balfiera Senche Cub pet.

The Volcanic Vents is the newest World Event where you will have to help a Druids circle to stop the Volcanic Vents & Fissures. Speaking of Druids, they are an NPC race that have their Questlines that mix around with other Quests. Dreadsail Reef is the Trial Event of the DLC. Band 12 players together to beat the list of monsters and earn amazing Loot.

  • Bloodwater
  • Bowbreaker
  • Lylanar
  • Pennystone
  • Sail Ripper
  • Tideborn Taleria
  • Turlassil

The new Public Dungeons that were added are the Spire of the Crimson Coin & the Ghost Haven Bay. The main feature point of the Elder Scrolls Online High Isle DLC is the Tales of Tribute Card game which is unlocked through a series of Quests in Gonfalon Bay.

The Verdict of Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Review

The High Isle DLC of Elder Scrolls Online is an amazing one. The World Setting and the numerous NPCs & Side-Quests make a very good & immersive experience. Chatting with Townsfolk brings a certain joy. On top of that, the Story of the DLC does not disappoint and is alone the greatest reason to get it. The Tales of Tribute Card game is also fun and interesting. It has a ranked mode which in turn has a Leaderboard, something Players can compete for. The Missions & Quests are pretty easy to complete. This is good for new players. But here is where the good side of the DLC stops.

Although the Story and Locations were amazing, the amount of Content added for Veterans is very less. For an MMORPG, a Card game being the main attraction of the DLC is somewhat of a letdown. Card games in general are interesting for a niche group of people. So getting the whole community to play the game is hard. Nothing new & unique was added for PvP, aside from Tales of Tribute. We did get the new World Event & Trial Event but that’s a different flavor from what already existed. All in all, the DLC is good but has its flaws. If you are a player who came for the Story, the DLC is a 10/10. But if you came for the PvP aspect, then you will have to decide if you want it or not.

Personally speaking, I enjoyed the Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle DLC. Its aesthetic & Story was compelling, the characters were fun and interesting. As I have mentioned, PvP is lacking but everything else was great.

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Amazing Story & overall Aesthetic

The Ascendant Order will Fall

The Story was amazing, the locations were wonderful, & the NPCs were engaging. Although, unique content was lacking.

  • Story 10
  • Locations 8
  • PvP Content 5