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Hideo Kojima Confirms A New Project In Development

The legendary creator of Metal Gear Solid titles, Hideo Kojima, and his Kojima Productions have confirmed that they are working on a new project.


In an official statement made on the Japanese website of the creator and on the LinkedIn page of Kojima Productions, the creator of Metal Gear Solid informs that he is looking for staff for the Tokyo office.

As we all know, Death Stranding was released in November 2019 for PS4 and represents his latest project, a game that was received with great enthusiasm and that Kojima has already confirmed that the title sold enough to recover what he spent on development.

Details about the new game are not yet available. Earlier Hideo Kojima gave all to watch horror films in preparation for a new project. In May this year, he reported that a “major project” of his had recently been canceled. In addition, he did not say whether he is creating a Death Stranding sequel or whether Kojima Productions is collaborating with another company on an existing property.

Kojima Productions was founded in 2015 and over the past five years has just launched a single game, which motivated Kojima to express his desire for smaller games and several projects, so as not to spend so much time without launching games.


Will we have Kojima’s first episodic game? Stay tuned to get more information on this secret project of Kojima only on GamerTweak.com.