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Heroes Of The Storm Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Here are all the characters of Heroes Of The Storm ranked from best to worst in this tier list.

Heroes of the Storm has some mystical creatures in the game that are so good that you will get confused as to what to choose. So in this guide, we will give you a tier list of all the characters in Heroes of the Storm to help you choose the best character in the game.


Heroes Of The Storm Tier List

Heroes Of The Storm

S Tier – Stier characters are the best characters of the game that will get you back-to-back wins. They should be your priority choices to work with.

A Tier – A Tier is the next best thing that you could work with. These characters are easy to work with and a little investment will go a long way.

B Tier – B Tier characters are all-rounders. They will have their stats averages out in all directions and hence will be ideal to have a balanced playstyle.

C Tier – C Tier Characters can be game-changing if you know how to play them right. They will be needing a little bit of effort from the player end but they can also prove to be some of the most amazing characters in the game.


D Tier – D Tier may be the last on the list but that does not mean that they are completely useless. They have their own unique skills and can be a good addition to your hero collection.

Here are all the characters of Heroes Of The Storm ranked from best to worst in the tier list given below.

Deathwing Bruiser S
Xul Bruiser S
Chen Bruiser S
Dehaka Bruiser S
Ana Healer S
Raynor Ranged Assassin S
Kael’thas Ranged Assassin S
Gul’dan Ranged Assassin S
Blaze Tank S
Garrosh Tank S
Johanna Tank S
Imperius Bruiser A
Rexxar Bruiser A
Leoric Bruiser A
Anduin Healer A
Lucio Healer A
Rehgar Healer A
Malfurion Healer A
Tychus Ranged Assassin A
Tassadar Ranged Assassin A
Sylvanas Ranged Assassin A
Lunara Ranged Assassin A
Fenix Ranged Assassin A
E.T.C. Tank A
Muradin Tank A
Thrall Bruiser B
Deckard Healer B
Alextrasza Healer B
Auriel Healer B
Whitemane Healer B
Alarak Melee Assassin B
Falstad Ranged Assassin B
Cassia Ranged Assassin B
Mephisto Ranged Assassin B
Abathur Support B
Anu’barak Tank B
Arthas Tank B
Diablo Tank B
Mal’Ganis Tank B
Artanis Bruiser C
Sonya Bruiser C
Ragnaros Bruiser C
D.Va Bruiser C
Li Li Healer C
Brightwing Healer C
Uther Healer C
Lt. Morales Healer C
Kerrigan Melee Assassin C
Zeratul Melee Assassin C
Illidan Melee Assassin C
Li-Ming Ranged Assassin C
Zul’jin Ranged Assassin C
Genji Ranged Assassin C
Greymane Ranged Assassin C
Jaina Ranged Assassin C
Junkrat Ranged Assassin C
Azmodan Ranged Assassin C
Chromie Ranged Assassin C
Kel’thuzad Ranged Assassin C
Sgt. Hammer Ranged Assassin C
Zarya Support C
Malthael Bruiser D
Yrel Bruiser D
Varian Bruiser D
Stukov Healer D
Tyrande Healer D
Kharazim Healer D
Qhira Melee Assassin D
Maiev Melee Assassin D
Samuro Melee Assassin D
Valeera Melee Assassin D
The Butcher Melee Assassin D
Gazlowe Melee Assassin D
Murky Melee Assassin D
Orphea Ranged Assassin D
Tracer Ranged Assassin D
Nazeebo Ranged Assassin D
Nova Ranged Assassin D
Valla Ranged Assassin D
Zagara Ranged Assassin D
Cho’gall Ranged Assassin D
Probius Ranged Assassin D
Medivh Support D
T.L.V. Support D
Stitches Tank D
Tyrael Tank D

So that is all for our guide on the Heroes Of The Storm tier list with all characters ranked from best to worst. If you would like to know more tier lists, we have covered some amazing games for you to check out.