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Heroes Awakening Quirks Tier List (August 2023)

Since there are several quirks in Heroes Awakening for Roblox, we made this tier list placing them from best to worst. Here we have ranked every quirk in the game. And even though a quirk may be of common rarity it might perform better than an uncommon or even some rare one. So without further ado, here is the full list of all quirks, their rankings, and abilities.

Heroes Awakening Quirks Tier List

Heroes Awakening Quirks Tier List

Quirk Tier Abilities
One for All (OFA) S Tier Delaware Smash (50 Stamina)
Ultra Jump (200 Stamina)
St. Louis Smash Air Force (450 Stamina)
Smash (450 Stamina)
Full Cowling (700 Stamina)
Half-Cold Half-Hot (HCHH) S Tier Ice Skills:
Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall (50 Stamina)
Ice Slide (700 Stamina)
Freezing Spikes (900 Stamina)
Fire Skills:
Wall of Flames (100 Stamina)
Fire Tornado (700 Stamina)
Devouring Flames (800 Stamina)
Explosion S Tier Explosive Fist (50 Stamina)
AP Shot (400 Stamina)
Blast Rush (700 Stamina)
Howitzer Impact (800 Stamina)
Electrification A Tier Electric Shock (50 Stamina)
1M Voltage (350 Stamina)
Dash (40 Stamina)
Electric Drop (250 Stamina)
Cremation A Tier Blue Embers (50 Stamina)
Wave of Fire (150 Stamina)
Blazing Doom (600 Stamina)
Flight (800 Stamina)
Zero Gravity A Tier Skill Release (50 Stamina)
Meteor Shower (150 Stamina)
Pressure (450 Stamina)
Gravity Flight (800 Stamina)
Ice A Tier Ice Spikes (50 Stamina)
Ice Slide (700 Stamina)
Ground Freeze (900 Stamina)
Erasure A Tier Erase (50 Stamina)
Full Erasure (600 Stamina)
Invisibility A Tier Invisibility (50 Stamina)
Cement B Tier Cement Strike (50 Stamina)
Raining Pillars (150 Stamina)
Cementation (500 Stamina)
Air Propulsion B Tier Air Smash (50 Stamina)
Air Burst (250 Stamina)
Decay B Tier Decay Grab (50 Stamina)
Decay (250 Stamina)
Area Shatter (500 Stamina)
Gigantification B Tier Size (50 Stamina)
Ground Strike (200 Stamina)
Hardening C Tier Harden (50 Stamina)
Super Strength C Tier Aerial Smash (50 Stamina)
Ground Smash (50 Stamina)
Heal C Tier Heal (50 Stamina)
United Heal (200 Stamina)
Naval Laser C Tier Naval Laser (50 Stamina)

What do these Tiers mean?

  • S Tier – These quirks are the absolute best and strongest in the game. You should try getting them as much as possible.
  • A Tier – The quirks in this tier are the next best ones you should go for. They are fairly strong and in some situations can be just as good as the S Tier quirks.
  • B Tier – These quirks are decent and very situational. You can go for these but there are better options available.
  • C Tier – The quirks in this tier aren’t anything special. It is best if you avoid them and get changed by rerolling one as soon as you get the chance.

That’s all for this Tier List of the best Quirks in Heroes Awakening. If you are interested in more such lists then head over to our Tier List section.