Fortnite Replaces Heavy Sniper Rifle With Explosive Repeater Rifle

Is the Explosive Repeater as good as the Heavy Sniper Rifle? Here's all you need to know about this change in Fortnite patch notes v25.11.

In the latest Fortnite patch notes v25.11, Epic Games vaulted the Heavy Sniper Rifle and replaced it with the Explosive Repeater Rifle. The Heavy Sniper Rifle is known for its high firepower and extensive range. It was one of the most used weapons in the game. This decision by Epic has ignited a debate among players across the globe. The Explosive Repeater Rifle can shoot explosive rounds and cause splash damage. However, many players are wondering whether it can fill the hole left by the Heavy Sniper.

Heavy Sniper Rifle Vaulted, Explosive Repeater Rifle Added in Fortnite Patch v25.11Explosive Repeater Rifle in Fortnite v25.11

Since the release of the new update, players can no longer use the Heavy Sniper Rifle in Fortnite. This gun boasted long ranged scope and high-damage rounds. So the removal of this weapon from the arsenal has sparked a rift among many players. Some speculate that this decision may reduce the number of campers in the game. Others wonder if the new gun is any good compared to the Heavy Sniper.

The Explosive Repeater Rifle is a bare gun without a scope. However, it makes up for the lack of range with its explosive damage. The rounds from this gun can trigger a small explosion on contact and cause AoE damage. So players can damage their opponents even without hitting them straight. Veteran Fortnite players may find this familiar to the Boom Bow, which was added in Season 8. Players can use this to flush their opponents out of covers.

Along with the new gun, Fortnite also introduced two new reality augments that benefit heavy ammo users.

  • Heavy Headshots: Weapons with heavy ammo will have increased headshot damage.
  • Heavy Ammo Acquired: Instantly gain heavy ammo, then more when you open containers

According to the official Fortnite page, players can get the Explosive Repeater Rifle from the ground, Regular & Rare Chests, Holo-chests, and for sale for Bars from Nia.

Vaulting the Heavy Sniper Rifle and adding the Explosive Repeater Rifle is a divisive decision by Epic Games according to many Fortnite players. Only time can tell how this weapon performs compared to the scoped rifle. We have more helpful content in our news section so make sure you check it on Gamertweak.