How To Get Heart Of Winter In Tower Of Fantasy

Find out how to get this rare ore to augment ice elemental weapons.

While traversing through the planet of Aida in Tower of Fantasy, players will come across items, materials and relics that can be used to augment or upgrade your weapons. There are a number of elemental ores that can be forged into special elemental weapons. These weapons help you in combat and while fighting bosses when your opponents have vulnerability to specific elements. One of which are the ice elemental weapons that can be forged with a Heart of Winter, a rare ore with high purity of the ice elemental. So in this guide let us find out how you can get Heart of Winter in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Craft Heart of Winter in Tower of Fantasy

In order to get Heart of Winter you need to fuse four Icecores. These are special elemental ores that can be obtained by breaking Icecore Crystal Nodes scattered around the map. You can further fuse five Hearts of Winter to get a Snowsource. These have higher virtue of ice element and can be used to augment ice weapons with boosted stats.

Alternatively, you can even obtain Heart of Winter from the Weapons Store for two Black Gold. Although, an important thing to note is that you need a requisite Wanderer Rank of 35 to unlock the Hearts of Winter in the store.

how to get heart of winter tower of fantasy

Once you have obtained enough Hearts of Winter, you can proceed to upgrade your ice elemental weapons. You can augment and upgrade a number of these weapons. A few examples are: Rosy Edge, Balmung, Absolute Zero and the Icewind Arrow. Using these weapons in your fights will give you a great advantage as ice element weapons have a freezing factor.

That is all you need to know about Hearts of Winter and how to get it in Tower of Fantasy. If you found this article helpful, check out more related content for Tower of Fantasy on GamerTweak.

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