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What Does The Heart Of The Sea In Minecraft Do?

This guide explains how to find the Heart Of The Sea and how to use it in Minecraft.

Players who have found the Heart Of The Sea in Minecraft via a buried treasure may wonder how to use it. Well, it can be used as a crafting material and in dire situations, as a light source. Let’s take a look at how to craft with the help of this resource and also how to find it, if you haven’t obtained it yet.


How to Get Heart Of The Sea in Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition?

Players cannot trade or craft the Heart of the Sea rare item. You have to find it in underwater ruins or shipwrecks via chest loot. If you have a buried treasure map, the location where to find it will be marked with a red x. And if you’d like to make things easier, you can feed raw cod or raw salmon to a dolphin. After that, it will swim to the nearest buried treasure which is where you can obtain the Heart of the Sea. Thankfully, it’s present in every buried treasure.

How to Use Heart of the Sea?


You can use Heart of the Sea to craft a Conduit. A Conduit is a block that gives a Conduit power effect to players and also attacks mobs present underwater such as the Drowned, Guardians & Elder Guardians. The Conduit Power basically lets you breathe underwater, gives you underwater night vision and also boosts mining speed, if you are within a spherical range of 32 to 96 blocks.

How to Craft a Conduit Block

how to craft conduit using heart of the sea


  • To craft a Conduit, you need:
    • A Crafting Table
    • Nautilus Shell
    • Heart of the Sea
  • Place the Heart of the Sea in the center.
  • Surround it with Nautilus Shells in all remaining blocks.
  • This will create a Conduit block.

If you’d like to know how to activate a conduit, we’ve got a guide that has all the steps you need to follow. You can also use a Conduit as a light source. It has a light level of 15 which is the brightest light level at the time of writing.

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