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How To Restore Full Health Without Killing Enemies – Control Cheat

Cheat to refill health bar for free

In Control game the health does not auto-generate, that means you have to kill enemies and walk upon the blue glowing items. This will slowly fill up the health bar to full and you can fight. Especially when you are in a Boss Fight or surrounded by enemies this can be very painful. But there is a cheat that can help you to restore the complete health of Jesse instantly and you don’t have to find any enemy or kill it. If you are on 10% or 5% health then this tip can save your life. But there is a limitation in using this trick. You can continue reading to know how to restore health to 100% instantly in Control Game.

How to restore 100% health instantly In Control


The first thing you have to do is activate a Control Point whenever possible. It is your way to respawn back in the game and it also unlocks Fast Travel Points. Sp activates the Control Point and remembers its last location, whenever you lose your health run back to the Control Point and press Square or related key to interact with it. This will instantly restore your Health to 100%. This means you can head back to the fight whenever you are stuck.

This small cheat can be highly helpful in various section of Control Game. As you keep on progressing you will face strong and tougher enemies ahead, so just remember the nearest Control Point location and run towards it. Press Square and your health is back to 100%. Check out the video below to know more. You can also check our guide on how to get Unlimited ammo in Control.