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How To Heal Units In Humankind

This guide will show you how to heal your units in Humankind

Humankind requires units to heal up in order to sustain the empire. Units will engage in combat with opposing empires and animals which sees them develop injuries. This needs to be minimized as the units need to be alive for further expansion and exploration of the game. The obvious solution to heal these units requires a few steps to follow. While healing units is a pretty small aspect of Humankind, it is essential. If you wish to learn how to heal units in Humankind this guide will help you do so. Follow the undermentioned steps to heal units in Humankind.

How to Heal Units in Humankind

heal units humankind

Here’s how to heal units in Humankind:

  • First, select the units that have sustained damage, this should open an Option panel.
  • On the right-hand part of the options on the screen, select the heart option at the bottom.
  • Your units are now being healed!

That’s pretty much it. However, there are a few things you have to keep in mind in order to heal your units. To better heal units, you’ll need to earn one of two unit Statuses in-game. Earn the “Supplied” Status to earn 20 health regeneration per turn. Earn the “Resilient” status to earn 50% health regeneration. While “Resilient” require medics to assist your units, “Supplied” automatically heals your units. When the heart icon is clicked, your units will hold together until everyone is in full health. It’s important to note that you can heal your units with “Supplied” when you’re in allied territory. In the scenario that you’re in territory that’s not part of the safe zone, the heart icon will be grey in color and you won’t be able to heal your units. You can fix this by moving them out to allied territory.

The premise of the game is to expand by exploring empires and ages while making the best use of the resources you have at your disposal. Factors like healing may seem like a fractional segment when viewed as a whole, but it aids in keeping your units alive as iterated before.  So now you know how to heal your units in Humankind! If you liked this guide and it assisted you, be sure to check out our guides, tips & tricks, and other articles on Humankind!