How To Heal And Revive For The King 2 Characters

Check out this guide to know how you can heal and revive characters in For the King 2.

While going through the diverse biomes of Fahrul, players will have to face different types of enemies and creatures in For The King 2. With each enemy being significantly tougher than the previous one, your characters are bound to lose health or even die during different encounters. And to avoid that you will need to heal and revive the characters from time to time. However, the roguelite game offers a unique turn-based tabletop combat that will take some time for you to adjust.

Having said that, you can easily replenish the lost HP and even revive the fallen characters in the game. There are quite a few different ways to heal your band of characters, with each helping you at different points. So if you are wondering how exactly to restore the HP and revive your fellow characters, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Heal in For The King 2?

How To Heal And Revive In For The King 2

While there are many ways through which players can heal and revive in For the King 2, the one that they might find the easiest is to use different healing items. There are different types of herbs like Godsbeard, Firesilk, Purple Herb, etc that will replenish and restore your HP in the game.

Godsbeard is one of the most common healing herbs you will find around Fahrul and is available for players from the start of their campaign. However, it will only restore around 20 HP of the character that you heal. Herbs like Firesilk and Purple Herb are rare and will heal your character to perfect health at every use. You can use the Old Pipe to increase the potency of the herbs in the game.

Another way to heal your characters in the game would be to come across towns and cities in Fahrul. Each town will offer different shops and services that players can interact with. You can either rest at the Inn available or avail the services of a healer to restore your health. With that being said, even consuming Tinder Pouches can create a safe hex for the characters to heal.

If you are looking for a more efficient way to heal then having a Herbalist Class in your band of resistance would be the key. The Herbalist has a special ability called Find Herb that lets them Party Heal all the characters while in combat, overworld, and at rest.

How to Revive Teammates in For The King 2?

How To Restore HP And Revive In For The King 2
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To revive in For the King 2, players can simply select the Revive Ally option once the character has died in combat. However, players will have to keep track of the life pool available on the top in the form of hearts. While the hearts may vary depending on the difficulty you choose, reviving an ally during the combat will reduce one in the game.

Having said that, if the characters are devoted to one of the Sanctums found across Fahrul then they would be revived automatically with some HP in the game. It is worth mentioning that the character would be revived once after which the Sanctum will crumble and you will lose all the benefits. And in the end, you can also revive your characters by going through the Overworld in For the King 2.

That’s everything covered on how to heal and revive in For the King 2. For more interesting guides like these, we recommend you go through our dedicated Video Game Guides section, right here on Gamer Tweak.