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How To Heal Damage In Bayonetta 3

Check out the ways to heal & restore health in Bayonetta 3 easily.

Bayonetta 3 is an action-adventure game, you’re surely going to run into several troubles. In this game, you’ll come across various demons that you have to slash and make your way through them. As easy as it may sound, but it isn’t, the demons will try their best to damage you and knock you down. In this case, players can always take some additional help and use healing elements to restore some health. Doing so, will not get you the Platinum Medal but can help you win the battle. If you’re a newcomer and unaware of the process to heal in Bayonetta 3, then we’ve got you covered.


Ways to Heal & Restore Health in Bayonetta 3

How to Heal Bayonetta 3

Here are all the ways to heal and restore health in Bayonetta 3.

  • Green Feathers
  • Green Herb Lollipops
  • Witch Hearts

These are the materials that will help you recover some health in the game. However, not all of them are easy to find and get. The Green Feathers usually spawn on the ground, which you can obtain by exploring the game. In order to use it the player will simply need to step on it or walk over it and that’ll do the trick.


On the other hand, the Green Herb Lollipops can be pretty difficult to farm. As they’re only available in certain locations or can be bought from the Rodin’s shop. After you have this lollipop you can simply use it during battles to regain some health. As a downside, after consuming this item you will not be awarded the Platinum Medal even after your victory.

Last but not the least, the Witch Hearts are the ultimate solution for your damages. This material will max out the character’s Vitality during the battles. However, we recommend you use this only when necessary. That’s because this is one of the most difficult-to-get items which can be bought from the Rodin’s Shop for 30,000 Orbs. Or players can also craft it by combining the Broken Witch Hearts scattered out on the field. As a bonus, consuming this item will not affect your stats or the chances of getting the Platinum Medal.


That sums up everything about how you can heal in Bayonetta 3. While you’re here check out how to farm & get Moon Pearls in the game.