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Valorant Exploit Found – Fast Recovery From Jumping & Instant Headshot

Hidden Valorant exploit for instant headshot, you can pull this out during intense battle and kill anyone in front of you.

Valorant is challenging, a game with a blend of weapons and magical abilities. In 5vs5 match it can be complicated to stand on the ground if you are not too familiar with using special powers + have the best loadout. But there is an exploit that can give you two benefits. First instant headshot and second a fast recovery from a jump. Discovered by a Reddit user there two weapons in Valorant who can trigger the exploit. Valorant does not allow cheats and has a strict policy against players who use mods or third party tools. So do not worry this is an inbuilt exploit that means Valorant developers will have to fix this through an update. Till then have fun.

How to use Instant Headshot and Fast Jump Recovery Exploit in Valorant?


To use both the Valorant exploits you will need to choose one among the two weapons. These two weapons can trigger the exploit where after jumping you can recover in seconds and your next shot will always a headshot. So there is a fast recovery + insta head-shot exploit. Thanks to Reddit user EarthlingKira for the tip.

Vandal and Phantom are the two weapons you can test in Valorant and benefit from the exploit. It may work for you and may not, it is all about timing. But to give you more concrete proof that this is a working exploit in Valorant here are two gif files by the Reddit user.

You can see how the player recovers really fast from the jump and gets an instant headshot after landing. The second player has no chance to stand, there has to be some delay in the action here. This is where Vandal and Phantom becomes my favorite gun to use until Valorant really fixes this.


You can check the below Reddit source to know more about this, and learn about this cool Valorant Exploit. Who knows is not really an exploit but a kind of feature of the weapons that are found by someone. If you can practice enough there is a 100% guarantee you can jump and kill anyone in front of you.

Accuracy directly after jumping must be nerfed from VALORANT


But still, it is always fun to play when everyone is an event, that’s where you can showcase the true skills. Probably once it is get used much it will be patched up, but you can still try it in Valorant.