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How to locate Haunted Forest in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost?

Haunted Forest is a easy to find location which is directly accessible via the Director's Map.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost is live and you will have to frequently visit Haunted Forest to play mission. All objectives under this new event can reward you with amazing Legendary Weapons. You will regret it if you ignore Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost. I am going to share some tips on the new event, like where is Haunted Forest in Destiny 2? or how to unlock new rewards and legendary weapons. So let’s begin.


How to reach Haunted Forest in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost ?

Haunted Forest is a new game mode in Destiny 2. Introduced via Festival of the Lost this new game mode brings new challenges. Playing this mode will reward you with locked caches. This cache or chest can have amazing rewards. But you will need Cipher Decoders to open them. We have a separate guide on how to find Cipher Decoders in Destiny 2. Check the link for details.

Open Directors Map and go to the Tower. Then click on Haunted Forest to teleport to the brand new location. Before entering the Haunted Forest make sure to meet Eva Levante first. A big tree next to her has a lot of candies, you can collect them all as an additional bonus. Meeting Eva will reward you with a Festival Mask. Also, pay a visit to the Spider.

Certain objectives require you to wear the Mask, so better collect it. When you enter Haunted Forest you have 15 minutes to win the battle. You have to clear the branches and kill the boss to unlock the reward. You will earn candy, strange coins, and 5 new Forest Caches. To open the cache make sure you have collected enough Cipher Decoders. Caches have legendary weapons in them and one of is the latest Horror Story and Braytech Werewolf auto rifle.

This is how you can start your journey in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost. You can enter the Haunted Forest to win exclusive rewards and earn legendaries. Best of Luck.