How To Get Married In Harvest Moon One World (Step by Step Guide)

How to marry someone & what are the marriage requirements? This guide will help you out. Here's how to get married in Harvest Moon One World.

There are quite a few eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in this game. Based on who you want to get closer to, you can choose to date and marry the character. There are ten candidates for marriage and they are Braden, Gabrielle, Ahina, Kanoa, Jamil, Malika, Laura, Sami, Krisi and Tristan. Wondering how to get married in Harvest Moon One World? What are the marriage requirements? Here’s a step by step process to make that happen.

How to Marry in Harvest Moon One World

Harvest Moon One World Marriage Guide and Requirements
There are many Marriage Requirements to fulfill before getting married in Harvest Moon One World.

Before you jump the gun and propose someone only to get rejection, know that there are certain conditions and marriage requirements you need to fulfill first. You have to make them like you and eventually fall in love with you. Check out how you can do that:

  1. Talk to them everyday.
  2. Give them gifts that they will love.
  3. Complete requests from the bachelor or bachelorette you have your hopes pinned on.
  4. Your goal is to get five hearts with the person you want to marry.
  5. You also have to make your house bigger. Upgrade it and get to a Huge House.
  6. Next, get a double bed in your house.
  7. Then go to Harvest Goddess’ Shrine – she will tell you to follow a Blue Bird.
  8. Obtain the Blue Feather from Blue Bird but you will get it only if your character is maxed out.
  9. To get married in Harvest Moon One World, you have to first sleep and then watch a cutscene with Harvest Goddess.
  10. You will see a pop-up to propose to someone based on your confession level.
  11. After doing that, there will be a cutscene with a wedding ceremony with the person you chose to marry.

Harvest Moon One World How To Get Married

How to Upgrade your Home and Make it Bigger

This will take a long time to do, especially the part of upgrading your home. You need two house upgrades where you will spend a total of 4,20,000 Gold. For the first one, you have to find Titanium which can be found in the fourth village while the second requires you to do four things. You must bring back the Harvest Goddess, receive a quest for Two Adamite from Doc, collect Ebony Lumber and Adamite and lastly you must earn 350,000G.

As you progress further, you will reach the point where players must follow the Blue Bird. It will take you to the marriage hall which needs restoration. When you complete this request, you will get the Feather as a reward.

That’s the full picture about how to get married in Harvest Moon One World. Stay tuned to our Video game guides for more latest gaming tips and tricks on Gamer Tweak!