Harry Potter Wizard Unite All Casting Spells Screenshots

By Raaj
5 Min Read

Harry Potter Wizard Unite is an amazing mobile AR game offering you to capture magical creatures. For capturing them you have to cast a spell, the spelled image will be displayed on the screen and it can be cast by swapping fingers on the screen following the exact same pattern displayed. So if you want to know in advance how all spell images look like then continue reading our Harry Potter Wizard Unite Spell guide. The speed and accuracy to cast a spell in quiet of importance in the game, the faster you do the faster you can catch magical beings and add them in your registry. By knowing how the exact pattern of casting a spell you can save a ton of your time and cast it within seconds.

Wizard Unit All Spell List & Screenshots

1). Accio

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

A curve swipe from the left to right to cast Accio in Harry Potter Wizard Unite.

2). Aguamenti

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

A simple S-shaped curve to cast Aguamenti, this spell can summon a jet of water from the wand.

3). Alohomora

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

Alhomora cast spell looks tricky but it can be performed with some practice. You will begin by a round circle and then cut that in half to the center bottom. This spell is used to unlock targets, doors, windows, and objects.

4). Arresto Momentum

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

Arresto Momentum is simple to cast, make a big “M” and done. The spell can slow down anything in front of you, use it to slow down the speed.

5). Bombarda

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

You can figure out with the name of this spell it is can be cast to cause an explosion. In the shape of an opposite triangle, the exploding spell causes a small explosion on the target. Bombarda Spell in Wizard Unite can be used to break doors and window bars.

6). Combat Bolt

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

Combat Bolt spell in Wizard Unit is a regular spell, it begins from the bottom of the screen and takes a shape of arrowhead left and ends with it.

7). Diffindo

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

Diffindo spell in Harry Potter Wizard unit is used to cut anything. The spell casting requires a few lines of swipes from left to right.

8). Ebublio

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

Ebublio is like a reverse upside down “G”, this cast is used to trap the target in Harry Potter Wizard Unite. Once casted on the target it will trap the target in a large bubble that cannot be destroyed by physical force.

9). Expecto Patronum

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

A swirling inside-down whirlpool shaped spell might a little complicated on small screens to perform. Expecto Patronum in Harry Potter Wizard Unite is used as a defending spell against Dementors. This requires a little bit of practice.

10). Finite Incantatem

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

Finite Incantatem in Wizard Unite goes easier on on-going spells and jinxes to stop.

11). Flipendo

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

Use Flipendo to knock the target back in Wizard Unite.

12). Incendio

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

Incendio looks a bit difficult to perform, casting this one will cause a fire in Wizard Unite. Use Incendio to start a fire.

13). Mateolojinx Recanto

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

Meteolojinx Recanto in Wizard Unite can cause weather effect, it is the incantation to a counter-charm causing weather effects caused by Weather-modifying spells.

14). Riddikulus

Wizard Unit Cast Spell Guide

Riddikulus is a tricky spell to cast, it is used to fight a Boggart. The spell will make the Boggar transform into an object the Caster is focusing on.

With the help of all the above spell images, you can learn the exact way to cast them in the fastest possible time. Some spells are pretty easy while some have tricky lines and ways to perform. You can use the images as a reference to each of them.