FIFA 23 Hard Slide Tackle: How To Complete With Mbappe

Here's a guide on how to complete the Hard Slide Tackle in FIFA 23 with Kylian Mbappe.

FIFA 23 is back and the game looks like a major upgrade on its predecessors. With the HyperMotion 2 Gaming Technology, FIFA comes quite close to real-world football. And this upgrade is not just in the sense of Graphics, the AI motion and movement, the upgrades in attacking, skills, dribbling, and defending can be seen quite clearly. While in the games, there will be numerous ways to defend against opponents. However, a hard slide tackle simply feels beautiful. Since there is a mission in FIFA 23 that asks you to complete a Hard Slide Tackle with Kylian Mbappe, many people are wondering how to do it. If you are here for the same, this guide has all you need.

How to Complete Hard Slide Tackle with Mbappe in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Hard Slide Tackle with Mbappe

While it is not difficult to perform a hard slide tackle, timing and positioning become important elements. For instance, a hard slide tackle from the back is more likely to earn your player a red card. So while using a hard slide tackle with Mbappe you need to be careful as he is more likely your MVP in the match.

To complete the hard slide tackle with Mbappe in FIFA 23, simply execute it from the front and try to get the ball. Even if you foul the AI, the challenge will still be complete. Since many players report bugs regarding the tackle not registering, best to foul the AI and get the objective done.

How to Hard Slide Tackle

Hard Slide Tackle is one of the best ways to defend among the numerous defending methods in FIFA 23. They are used for urgent situations like last-ditch moments where you don’t have to worry about the ball going out of play. Here’s how you can hit a Hard Slide Tackle in FIFA 23:

  • For PS Users – Press R1 + Square
  • For Xbox Users – Press RB + X

That’s all there is on how to hard slide tackle with Mbappe in FIFA 23. While you are here, make sure you check out other FIFA 23 guides at Gamer Tweak.