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GTA Online – How To Unlock Hao’s Special Work?

Here's our guide on how to unlock Hao's special work in GTA Online.

With the flow of new content in GTA Online, players never run out of things to do in the multiplayer open-world. The newest update brought the fan favorites, Lamar and Franklin, back to the GTA world. And with the new update several NPCs too. Hao is the newest recurring NPC that can upgrade your cars into supercars. But for that, you will need to unlock his special talent for modding cars. So, here’s our guide on how to unlock Hao’s special work in GTA Online.


How to Unlock Hao’s Special Work in GTA Online?

  • You will get a call from Hao as soon as you start with the newest update.
  • If not, you can roam around the streets of Los Santos and wait for the call. He will call you and talk about his newest car.
  • Head over to the Vinvewood Blvd at Hao’s garage and lift the shutter to trigger a cut scene.
gta online hao special work
Image Source – Indo-J on YouTube.


  • He will introduce you to the car and ask you to take it for a test drive.
  • This test drive is a time trial to reach Cypress Flats in eight minutes and ten seconds.
  • As you have completed Hao’s time trial, he will also offer you a free supercar.
  • You can head to Southern San Andreas Super Autos to get a free Karin S95.
  • Then, head over to Los Santos Car Meet to upgrade your car for free for the first time.
  • Purchase a membership from Mimi who can be found at the trunk of her car in LS Car Meet.
  • The membership will cost you around $ 50,000 in-game and unlock Hao’s special work.

What Cars can you Upgrade with Hao?

This upgrade is restricted to only 9 cars in GTA Online. These cars also include 5 next-gen exclusive cars. Here are the cars you can upgrade with Hao’s special work:


  • Coil Cyclone II
  • Imponte Arbiter GT
  • Karin S95
  • Pfister Astron Custom
  • Weaponized Pegassi Ignus
  • Bravado Banshee
  • Grotti Turismo Classic
  • Shitzu Hakuchou Drag
  • Ubermacht Sentinel XS

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