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Halo: Reach Begins Beta Testing And Reveals PC Requirements

Ever since it was revealed that Halo: Masterchief Collection would be made available for the PC a lot of gamers have ecstatic ever since as no Halo game has been released for PC since the first one.

Halo: Reach’s beta testing has kicked off today and will last until November 5. This will give the developers 343 Industries an insight as to how the game is going and going out on beta will certainly have some bugs but those will be rectified ahead of launch.


343 Industries also revealed that cross-play will be made available for all the Halo games coming out which means that you will be able to continue off your progress from your console to your PC and vice versa.

343 have sent out a nice little graphics which detail the cross-play functionality and though mid missions are unavailable for Xbox and Windows Store, it will work on Steam purchased games as they have a self-contained version.


343 Industries have also announced the PC specs required to run Halo: Reach and the minimum specs aren’t that high, it is certain that if you can push to max settings you will have a better experience.

Halo: Masterchief collection is scheduled to be released soon though no release date is announced as of yet, developed by 343 Industries Halo games are available exclusively on the Xbox which soon will make their way to PC.