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Halo Infinite Update Is Coming This Week, 343 Industries Confirms

343 Industries, the team behind the development of Halo Infinite has announced that there will be updates regarding the title during the current week.

In a recent interview on Reddit, Brian Jarrard, Community Director of the software house, promised an appointment in a few days where there will be new information on the progress of the project’s development.

The focus will be on the Sandbox mechanics that the developers have created to enrich the gaming experience. In addition, it has been confirmed that every month, until the launch, there will be updates regarding different aspects of the work.

For now, Halo Infinite has a launch window scheduled for fall 2021, however, the team has promised that the exact release date will be revealed mid-year, along with a full overview of the game. We can therefore expect new trailers, developer interviews and much more.

It would therefore seem that the wait of these months, weighed down by a lack of information, will soon be rewarded, a sign that the software house is working well and without any problems whatsoever. Initially expected for November 2020, the game was delayed to the following year due to a delay in development.

One of the triggers for the postponement in question was the Gameplay Trailer shown at the Xbox Showcase in July 2020. The Halo Infinite build shown caused many to turn their noses up, due to not-so-cutting-edge polygonal models and not-so-detailed textures.

Although it was a non-definitive version, the game would still have to be released a few months later and this alarmed Microsoft which decided, together with 343 Industries, to postpone the project for a year, leaving Xbox Series X/S without exclusives at launch.

A probably painful decision but which confirms how much the two companies tangle with the franchise, the Halo series is one of the symbols of Xbox and launching a game that is not in its optimal version on the market could prove fatal.