Check Out This Epic Trailer For Halo Infinite With Cortana Making A Possible Comeback

The biggest game that everyone was waiting for at Xbox’s E3 conference was Halo Infinite and everyone got to see the trailer for the upcoming game, we see Master Chief floating in the air being rescued and brought back online.

This is supposed to be the biggest Halo game in the series and what made this better was that it was announced that Halo Infinite will be available in Holidays 2020 which is a broad spectrum but it will come with Xbox’s Project Scarlet.

But the good news is that Halo Infinite will be available for Xbox One and PC as well as many players have long waited for Halo to be released on PC. Not just this but all of Master Chief collection has been made available for PC owners through Xbox Game Pass which went live as of today.

You can check out the trailer for Halo Infinite, though it does not show any gameplay footage it shows a bit of the story and we can hear Cortana’s voice as she is talking to Master Chief.

The game is certainly going to be released next year maybe in the later part of the year, with Project Scarlet this will bring the best out of the Halo franchise.