Is Bungie Coming Back To Save Halo Infinite And Take Over The Franchise?

Halo Infinite’s delay announcement today brought all of our fears to life, the cracks were there to see for everybody when Microsoft revealed the gameplay of Halo Infinite and was rightfully trashed for not being up to mark.

Now, graphics alone do not make a game good but when you’re the flagbearer franchise of a console with a demographic whose only reason to purchase the console is to invest themselves into the lore, it becomes a problem.

halo infinite bad graphics

Halo for such a long time has been setting the bar for brilliance in graphics, innovation, and graphics, so much that Halo has been the most selling first-party title of the Xbox series since it was released.

Master Chief’s journey all through the game games has been well-received until Bungie left Microsoft and decided to make Destiny franchise since then 343 Industries took over but the transition hasn’t been smooth.

Halo 5: Guardians hasn’t been well received, and neither has gameplay evolved with many things feeling stagnant and docile, and it all came crashing down during the gameplay showcase of Halo Infinite.

Though there wasn’t much to show, anyone could see that the details were missing in characters shown which seemed sub-par for the current generation of consoles, let alone the next generation.

Added with this there were rumors flying around that 343 Industries had difficulty developing the game and folks from Bungie were called over for additional help.

We wrote about the same a while back and it seems that with the latest news about the delay, those rumors were true. Halo won’t be available with Xbox Series X at launch; this is not only a massive blow for the green brand but also an identity crisis because there’s no other iconic first-party release to accompany the launch of the console.

Halo Infinite will be reworked hopefully by next year, we should have a product that’s well worthy of carrying the mantle and weight of the franchise to the next level.

Microsoft is citing the on-going pandemic to be the cause of the delay in the launch of Halo Infinite, but industry sources have said otherwise. It looks like destiny will bring Bungie and Halo back together as they were the ones who started the project and while the same people who began working on the project may not be there, the core value behind developing Halo and the commitment still is preserved.

Halo’s delay will surely dent Xbox Series X’s sale and while Halo Infinite has been in development for more than 5 years and this is stretching it when the franchise is established with a host of other characters to drive the narrative.

We will keep updating with more information about the development of Halo Infinite, in the meanwhile you can check out other articles and industry information right here on Gamer Tweak.