Halo Infinite Official Box Art Revealed

Here is the official Box Art of Halo Infinite, directly from 343 Industries.

With a post published recently on the official blog, 343 Industries has revealed the box art of Halo: Infinite, just over a day before the Xbox Series X games event.

This illustration, visible at this link posts and below, shows the new render of Master Chief, the protagonist of Halo, with the whole game world behind him: it is an image that will surely excite fans of the 343 Industries series and Microsoft.

The American studio did not stop there, however, as they have also shown the box art that will most likely be the cover of Halo Infinite in the physical edition, both in the standard and in the special ones that will surely come out.

In recent news, it was confirmed that the grappling hook will return to Halo Infinite, but it will be more of a piece of equipment to collect and not very indispensable just like in Halo 3 compared to the way it was used in the other chapters of the sci-fi series.

The grappling hook, apparently, will play a much more important role in the multiplayer of the title. According to reports, Halo Infinite Area will return to the classic gameplay and will have several power-ups that will complete the sandbox experience, such as the shield and the aforementioned grappling hook. In addition, the whole experience will be very dynamic.

Halo Infinite will release this year on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, and its campaign will be unveiled tomorrow afternoon.