Halo Infinite Medals List: How To Earn Them?

Here's a list of all the Multiplayer Medals in Halo Infinite along with steps to earn them.

Being a fast-paced FPS game, Hal Infinite puts forward a plethora of challenges before a player. Well, the efforts there are not wasted as players get rewarded after completing such challenges. May it be precious resources or in-game currency, everything matters while progressing. It also includes the Medals that you achieve by competing in Halo Infinite Multiplayer mode. Achieving medals is not a piece of cake as there are some really difficult tasks associated with it. Hence, check out this guide to know how to earn medals.

How to Earn Medals in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Here’s the list of all the Medals that you achieve while playing the Multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite. It includes all the Multikill Medals, Killing Spree Medals, and more:

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Medals List

Multikill Medals

In this section, there are medals that you receive after killing the enemies in quick succession:

Medals How To Earn
Double Kill Kill 2 Enemies in Quick Succession.
Triple Kill Kill 3 Enemies in Quick Succession.
Overkill Kill 4 Enemies in Quick Succession.
Killtacular Kill 5 Enemies in Quick Succession.
Killtrocity Kill 6 Enemies in Quick Succession.
Killamanjaro Kill 7 Enemies in Quick Succession.
Killtastrophe Kill 8 Enemies in Quick Succession.
Killpocalypse Kill 9 Enemies in Quick Succession.
Killionaire Kill 10 Enemies in Quick Succession.

Killing Spree Medals

You get the following medals if you eliminate multiple enemies without dying in the Multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite:

Medals  How To Earn
Killing Spree Get 5 Kills without dying
Killing Frenzy Get 10 Kills without dying
Running Riot Get 15 Kills without dying
Rampage Get 20 Kills without dying
Nightmare Get 25 Kills without dying
Boogeyman Get 30 Kills without dying
Grim Reaper Get 35 Kills without dying
Demon Get 40 Kills without dying
Killjoy End an enemy’s Killing Spree

Weapon Class-Specific Medals in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Following is the list of Medals that you achieve upon getting 5 Kills with a specific weapon class:

Medals How To Earn
Warrior Eliminate 5 Enemies with Melee Weapons
Tanker Eliminate 5 Enemies with Siege Weapons
Sharpshooter Eliminate 5 Enemies with Sniper Rifles
Scattergunner Eliminate 5 Enemies with Shotguns
Rifleman Eliminate 5 Enemies with Assault Rifles
Pilot Eliminate 5 Enemies with Aircraft Vehicles
Marksman Eliminate 5 Enemies with Tactical Rifles
Gunslinger Eliminate 5 Enemies with Pistols
Gunner Eliminate 5 Enemies with Mounted Turrets
Grenadier Eliminate 5 Enemies with Grenades
Heavy Eliminate 5 Enemies with Detached Turrets
Driver Eliminate 5 Enemies with Vehicles
Breacher Eliminate 5 Enemies with SMGs
Boxer Eliminate 5 Enemies with Melee
Bomber Eliminate 5 Enemies with Launchers

Medals for Completing Tasks

There are medals in Halo Infinite that you achieve after doing something that requires great skills & timing:

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Medals List

Medals How To Earn
360  Eliminate an Enemy with Melee who has Overshield.
Achilles Spine  Obtain 3 Power Seeds in a Row.
Always Rotating  Capture 3 Strongholds without dying.
Autopilot Engaged  Kill an Enemy with a Sniper while he is Driving a Vehicle.
Black Smack  Eliminate an Enemy with Melee from behind.
Ballista  From a distance, eliminate an Enemy with a Skewer.
Bank Shot  Kill an Enemy by a Sniper Shot that Richochets off a wall.
Bodyguard  Protect 5 of your Allies by eliminating their Attackers.
Boom Block  Using a Drop Wall, block an Enemy’s incoming attack.
Bulltrue  Protect yourself or an Ally by obstructing an Enemy’s Energy Sword lunge.
Chain Reaction  Kill an Enemy with the help of Chain Electricity.
Clock Stop  Restrict Enemies from Scoring the Winning Points in Strongholds by Capturing a Zone.
Cluster Luck  Eliminate Multiple Enemies with any Grenade.
Combat Evolved  Obtain a Power Weapon that has been blasted from its Pod with a Plasma Grenade.
Deadly Catch  Pull a Weapon toward yourself with a Grappleshot. Further, immediately use that weapon to kill an Enemy.
Death Race  With a Single Ghost Boost, run over at least 2 Enemies.
Dogfight  While being in an Aircraft yourself, destroy an Enemy Aircraft.
Driveby  Get 2 Kills while being a Passenger in a Vehicle.
Fastball  Eliminate an enemy with the impact of a grenade. Note: Enemy should not be killed with the Explosion.
Fire & Forget  Kill an Enemy using a Rocket Launcher from far away.
Flag Joust  Eliminate an Enemy while holding your Team’s Flag.
Flawless Victory  Win all the Rounds of a Match that has 3 or more Rounds.
Flyin’ High  While Driving a fully loaded vehicle, perform a Massive Jump.
From the Grave  Eliminate an Enemy after you have died.
Fumble  Destory an Enemy Oddball within their winning moments.
Goal Line Stand  Return back your Flag near the Enemy Flag Stand.
Grapple-Jack  Hijack an Enemy Vehicle by using a Grappleshot.
Grand Slam  Using a Gravity Hammer Swing, kill multiple Enemies.
Guardian Angel  Kill an Enemy from a distance who is about to eliminate your ally.
Hail Mary  Kill an Enemy with a Grenade from a distance.
Harpoon  Use the Grappleshot on an Enemy from far away.
Hold This  Drop a weapon and eliminate an Enemy from another weapon.
Interlinked  Shock 4 Enemies with a Single Electrical Chain.
Kong  Using a Fusion Coil, kill an Enemy.
Last Shot  With last round of your Magazine, kill an enemy before reloading.
Lawnmower  With a Brute Chopper’s Wheel, destroy an Enemy Vehicle.
Mind The Gap  Knock back an Enemy down the pit by using a Repulsor.
Mounted & Loaded  Kill 2 Enemies with a Stationary Turret.
Mount Up  Honk a Horn and then fully load up a Warthog.
Nade Shot  Perform a Headshot after damaging an Enemy with a Grenade.
Ninja  Bounce over an Enemy and get behind them for a Melee.
No Scope  Perform a Headshot using a Sniper Rifle without opening the Scope.
Nuclear Football  Catch an Enemy Fusion Coil thrown at you.
Odin’s Raven  Detect 3 Enemies using a Threat Sensor at once.
Off The Rack  Immediately Kill an Enemy after picking up a weapon from its spawn location.
Pancake  Kill an Enemy by hitting them against a wall by using a Repulsor.
Party’s Over  Anhilate a fully loaded enemy Razorback.
Perfect  Kill an Enemy using a Precision Weapon with peak level efficiency. Note: Make sure all the Shots hits the head of the Enemy.
Perfection  Without dying, complete and entire match and have at least 15 Kills.
Pineapple Express  While being a Passenger in a Vehicle, kill an Enemy using a Grenade.
Power Outage  Steal 3 Enemy Power Cells in a row.
Pull  Eliminate an Enemy with a Sniper Rifle after they are launched by a Man Cannon.
Quick Draw  Switch to a Pistol and get a Kill immediately after.
Quigley  Take 2 Kills with a Single Sniper Rifle Shot.
Ramming Speed  Run into an Enemy Vehicle while being in a Vehicle yourself.
Reclaimer  Take back your Vehicle that was Hijacked by an Enemy.
Remote Detonation  Eliminate an Enemy by shooting a midair Grenade.
Return to Sender  Deflect the incoming Enemy projectile and kill them with it.
Reversal  Kill an enemy who damaged who first.
Rideshare  Drive an ally from long distance and help them safely complete the Objective. Note: Ally should be holding an Objective item.
Saboteur  Destroy 5 Enemy Vehicles.
Shot Caller  Ping an Enemy and Headshot them.
Skyjack  Hijack an Enemy Flying Vehicle.
Sneak King  Melee a Camouflaged Enemy from behind.
Snipe  Perform a Headshot Kill with a Sniper Rifle.
Special Delivery  Eliminate an Enemy who was pushed by a Man Cannon or Grav Life by using a Grenade.
Splatter  Run over an Enemy while driving a Vehicle.
Spotter  Ping 5 Enemies and make sure they die directly after that.
Steaktacular  Win by outscoring the opponents by at least 60% in a Slayer Match.
Stick  Kill an Enemy by using a Plasma or Spike Grenade.
Stopped Short  Kill an Enemy just before they score and in the meanwhile, make sure to hold your Team’s Flag.
Straight Balling  Without dropping, carry the Oddball for 1 Minute.
Street Sweeper  While being on the Passenger seat of a Vehicle, kill an Enemy using a Bulldog Shotgun.
Tag & Bag  Kill 2 Enemies after detecting them with the Threat Sensor.
Wheelman  While driving a Vehicle, earn 5 Assists.
Whiplash  Eliminate an Enemy who earlier used a Grappleshot on you.
Windshield Wiper  Kill an Enemy who is attempting to Hijack your Vehicle.
Wingman  Earn 10 Assists.
Yard Sale Eliminate an Enemy who wields a Powerful Weapon and a Full Inventory

That covers everything on how to earn Medals in Halo Infinite Multiplayer mode. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Halo Infinite Guides on Gamer Tweak.