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Why Halo Infinite Dropping Its Support For Xbox One Is The Right Move

Rumors are flying around about 343 Industries dropping support for Xbox One consoles which will undoubtedly take millions of players out of the equation when the game drops in 2021 but this decision whether true or not makes a lot of sense as of right now.

Halo series has always been the flagbearer of the Xbox consoles and the next-gen console Xbox Series X has already shown its graphical capabilities with being more than comfortable to push out 4K footages at 120 frames per second.

Why Would You Restrict Xbox Series X’s Potential?

Xbox Series X is going to be a behemoth of a console that is aiming to not only be the best but currently is known to be the most powerful console beating Sony’s PlayStation 5 with more teraflops of performance.

What this will give to the Xbox Series X is more power to deliver quality content with the illusion of having unlimited graphic possibilities, whereas the same game on the Xbox One console will struggle a lot.

There is absolutely no comparison to the next-gen and current-gen and the current Xbox One console will not be able to do justice to Halo Infinite. The game has already been delayed after the graphic output debacle which rocked Microsoft down to its core where they needed to restructure their release plans for Halo Infinite.

A game that has been well over 5 years in development could not give out a seemingly good enough gameplay video during Xbox Games Showcase in July drawing a lot of flak for the same.

halo infinite graphics

Now, if Microsoft comes out with the announcement that Halo Infinite would not be supported on Xbox One devices after they’ve announced that it most definitely would, it would be a PR catastrophe.

Microsoft’s all-inclusive policy to have a lot of next-gen games have current-gen support also limits the quality of games that they’re trying to develop as there is a vast difference in the hardware department of the consoles.

It would also mean that no next-gen game would be a massive improvement and players will still be stuck with the same game mechanics but only with a marginal graphical improvement that you would have to strain your eyes to even notice.

If Microsoft does remove the support for Halo Infinite on Xbox One, they could give respite by giving the players who have pre-ordered Halo Infinite on Xbox One with a discount on their purchase of Xbox Series X console.

They could also take up another route of bringing in another means of making sure that the next-gen console sales performance fares better than the Xbox One’s performance in sales.

Microsoft has a lot to consider and while the current policy of having all the games launch together for Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X seems nice in a community sense it also hinders potential buyers from making the next-gen jump as there’s not much to offer even if you do not.

Xbox Series X is on the verge of being redundant even before its launch and most likely will lose the console war which is being contested aggressively now between PlayStation and Nintendo.