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How To Get More Halloween Candy In Pet Sim X FAST?

Here's how to get tons of Candy in Pet Simulator X quickly.

The much-loved Roblox game Pet Simulator X gets a Halloween update/makeover and through it, you can obtain lots of candies. In this guide, we will show you all the possible ways to get candy in Pet Sim X fast!

How to Get More Candy in Pet Simulator X (Fast)


These are the different methods to get Halloween Candy in Pet Sim X pretty quickly:

  • Get it from the big chests in different worlds. Some drop a few candies but grinding the Heaven, Hell, AFK chests are sure to give you a good quantity of candies fast.
    how to get candy pet simulator x
  • Obtain it from the Giant Pumpkin. You will be notified of its spawning on your screen itself.
    candies pet sim x
  • From Coins, Boxes, Crates and Diamonds scattered around various areas. Teleport to areas like Steampunk to get lots of them at once. Make sure to get better pets to speed up the whole process.

Hopefully, these tips should help you obtain tons of Halloween Candy in Pet Sim X.


How to Use Halloween Candy?

You need to propel yourself out from the cannon placed in the Spawn World and enter the Halloween event.

halloween event


Approach the cannon and press E to interact with it and you will reach the Halloween event area. Since this update adds new type of eggs such as Pumpkin eggs and Eerie eggs, you will require tons of Halloween Candy to unlock them. Once you have enough, go ahead and purchase them immediately.

how to use halloween candy pet sim x

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Candy in Pet Simulator X. We have got more tips, tricks and new codes for this game on Gamer Tweak so go ahead and check them out here.

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