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How to find the Hall of Wisdom and The Necromantic Strand in Destiny 2

The collectibles in Destiny 2 are sometimes hard to find and often more times than not they can be tricky as hell too, the Necromantic Strand is one such item that you will require in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and this guide will show you where to find it.

To find the Necromantic Strand in Destiny 2 you will first need to Hellmouth, it is buried deep and is unmarked which makes it a huge challenge finding it if you have no clue about it.


Necromantic Strand is needed when you have to craft the Loud Lullaby hand cannon which is a great weapon using the Essence of Brutality. Getting it early on will ensure that you won’t have to hunt for it later on in the game.

How to find the Hall of Wisdom

The Hall of Wisdom is located nearby to the place where players got Horned Wreath, to find the Hall of Wisdom you will have to follow the path towards the Chamber of Night in Hellmouth.


As you get there, head east until you find a hill which leads towards an old lab. After this you will need to approach the lab and enter the Hive temple which is located in the back side area.

Go down from there and you will soon find yourself in a area which has a different setting to it with its own hue. Find a huge chandelier in the middle of the room and right below it there should be some crags and spires.

Where to Find Necromantic Strand


The Necromantic Strand is found along the back spire right below the chandelier, once there you should get the button prompt to pick up indicating that you have found the exact place.

Once you collect the Necromantic Strand you can now use it to craft the Loud Lullaby hand cannon with the Essence of Brutality.

This is all there to know about how to find the Hall of Wisdom and find the Necromantic Strand in Destiny 2. Check out other guides as well on Destiny 2, make sure that you stick around for news, features and guides on your favorite games.