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Hades Best Weapons Tier List

Hades Weapons Ranked Tier List Best 2021: We've ranked the best weapons. Know the best weapons that you can use in the game.

We have ranked the weapons and compiled a Tier List for the best Weapons in Hades. These rankings are not official in any sense and are written on the basis of my understanding of the game. So, without further ado let’s dive into this list of the best weapons ranked.


Hades Best Weapons Tier List

Hades Weapons Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked
The Best Weapons in the game ranked.
Aspect of Arthur A – TIER Stygian Blade 15 Aura Damage Reduction: +40%
Aspect of Chaos A – TIER Shield of Chaos 15 Bonus Shields Thrown: +5
Aspect of Chiron B – TIER Heart-Seeking Bow 15 Max Shots per Special: 7
Aspect of Hades B – TIER Eternal Spear 16 Punishing Bonus Damage: +150%
Aspect of Lucifer C – TIER Adamant Rail 15 Hellfire Blast Damage: 100
Aspect of Talos C – TIER Twin Fists 15 Magnetic Attack & Cast Bonus: +40%

A – Tier:

  • Aspect of Arthur
  • Aspect of Chaos

Your best bet at defeating enemies in the game. Should be your go-to choice of weapons in the game. They also have the best stat buffs among all the weapons in the game. Aspect of Arthur has an Aura Damage Reduction of +40% whereas Aspect of Chaos has a Bonus Shields Thrown advantage of 5.


B – Tier

  • Aspect of Chiron
  • Aspect of Hades

Underrated weapons for sure. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Aspect of Chiron has 7 Max Shots per Special. Aspect of Hades meanwhile has a Punishing Bonus Damage of 150%.

C – Tier

  • Aspect of Lucifer
  • Aspect of Talos


Not the worst weapons, but not as good as the other on this list. Aspect of Lucifer has a Hellfire Blast Damage of 100 units. Aspect of Talos also has a Magnetic Attack & Cast Bonus of 40%.

This is everything you need to know about the Hades Weapons Tier List. Here at Gamer Tweak, we have ranked a lot of game characters and weapons, so have a look at our Tier List section in the interlinked article to look for your favorite characters.