Hades Beginners Guide: Tips And Tricks

Titus D'souza
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If you are one of the many beginners in Hades and are looking for a guide that will help you navigate this exciting game with the best tips and tricks, you have come to the right place. Here, we will walk you through all the things you need to do if you have never played the game. With our tips and tricks, you will be able to master this fun running game set in the Greek underworld in no time. So without further ado, let us jump into these important instructions!

Hades Beginners Guide: Tips & Tricks


Distribute your Nectar – Hades Beginners Guide

Nectar is one of the many random items you will chance upon when you play Hades. You can consider this item to be of importance when it comes to gifting the non-playable characters of the game. Distributing your Nectar to characters like Cerberus and Nyx can help strengthen your relationship with them.

If you give Nectar to a non-playable character for the first time, you will receive a Keepsake from them. You can use these tokens of appreciation to receive bonus gold, health, or even damage under specific conditions. This makes distributing Nectar quite important. Because of this, Nectar finds an important place in this Hades beginners guide.

Save some Nectar for Sisyphus, Eurydice, Thanotos, and Patroclus

While giving away your Nectar is a wise thing to do, we recommend you to at least hold onto one of them until you receive all of the Keepsakes. The reason we advise you to do this is because of the potential to bump into characters like Sisyphus, Eurydice, Thanotos, and Patroclus. They can be rare to spot, and can often only appear once in 3-4 runs.

Because of this, you should keep at least one Nectar with you at all times. In case you do bump into one of these rare characters, you will be able to offer them some Nectar.

You will be able to find Patroclus in Elysium, Eurydice in Asphodel, Thanatos in Elysium, and Sisyphus in Tartarus.

Speak to Everyone – Hades Beginners Guide

Hades has a huge focus on the storyline and its narrative. This makes the player constantly engage in the game’s compelling storyline. To get some interesting items in the game, you will need to build and maintain cordial relations with the characters.

While you can do so with Nectar, talking also plays a huge role in how well you do in the game. You can identify characters you need to speak to because of the exclamation marks over their heads.

Keep Switching Keepsakes in Hades

The Keepsake Collection is an important upgrade that you can acquire early in the game. To do so, you will need to spend Gems at the House of Hades Contractors.

We recommend you to keep swapping and changing your Keepsakes because most of them only have one specific use. For example, the Lucky Tooth or the Chthonic Coin Purse. You will be able to swap these Keepsakes after each boss.

Swapping can also help improve the quality of your Keepsakes, as you will find them improving with each encounter you complete while wearing them.

Pick the Dark Weapon

Before you make a run when playing Hades, you will find a weapon in the armory that has a purple hue around it. This means that you will acquire bonus Darkness if you use it in the next run. Skelly will also explain the same to you during a conversation.

Using Dark Weapons will help you significantly boost your currency. Additionally, it is a great way to experiment with the Boons and Weapons in the game.

Focus on Experimentation, Not Winning

If you place your focus on acquiring keys for their abilities and weapons at the beginning of the game instead of purely winning, you will find yourself enjoying a lot more. This is because, towards the start of the game, you will not be too familiar with its mechanics.

Spending time on experimenting with weapons and boons will be much more exciting and engaging.

Spend Time & Focus on Keys

At the start of Hades, we recommend you spend some time focusing on Keys. They resemble their real life counterparts, and are used to unlock new weapons in the House of Hades. You can also pick up new skills from the Mirror of Night.

Because of this, it is important you do not miss picking up keys whenever you find them on your runs.

Set a Goal

Before you head into another run when playing Hades, set a goal for yourself. The aim depends entirely on what you want from your run. According to your needs, you can adjust these goals.

Setting goals will help you get the best out of the game without wasting any time.

So there you have it. This was our beginners guide to playing Hades. With the help of these tips and tricks, you will be able to definitely enjoy this thrilling and rewarding game. Even if you do not kill the bosses in your first run, do not worry. You can always keep trying until you master the game.

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