How To Get The Gun In Wacky Wizards Update & All Gun Potions

Here's how to get the Gun ingredient to brew some new potions in the Wacky Wizards Gun Update.

The Wacky Wizards Gun update is here, and the new ingredient this time is the Gun. Naturally, you must be wondering how to get this item and we’ve listed all the steps right here.

How to Get the Gun in Wacky Wizards

To get the Gun ingredient in the Wacky Wizards Gun update, you have to make use of the new level system added by the developers. Basically, reach level 9 by collecting ingredients, brewing potions and finding new recipes. That’s all you have to do to obtain the Gun because it will show up right on the table you have next to your cauldron. If you have played a lot of Wacky Wizards already, you will see that you are already on a level higher than 9. In that case, you should see the Gun on the table as soon as you load up the updated game.

This is quite different from the usual process we have followed to get a new ingredient which mostly involves a detailed questline. This time around, they switched things up and focused on the leveling up aspect of the game which is nice. To know which level you are, simply click on the Potion book on the left side of the screen and click on the Level option.

gun potions list

All Gun Potions List

Here are all the new potions which have the Gun ingredient. Try them all out and see what happens:

Ingredients Potion
 Gun  Bullet potion
 Gun + Chilli  Flamethrower potion
 Gun + Fairy  Shrink ray potion
 Gun + Beans  Beangun potion
 Gun + Fish  Watergun potion
 Gun + Rotten Sandwich  Poopy-gun potion
 Gun + Pet Tags  Pig Launcher potion
 Gun + Spider  Poison hair potion
 Gun + Robux  Buxshoot potion
 Gun + Dynamite  Dynamite slinger potion
 Gun + Giant’s Ear  Giant-ray potion
 Gun + Honey  Bee-cannon potion

So, that’s all about this new ingredient and its potions. Go ahead and read more about Wacky Wizards in our guides on Gamer Tweak and stay tuned for more.

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