Guilty Gear Strive: How To Unlock Colors

Unlock colors for Guilty Gear Strive by choosing between various packs in the new Additional Color Pack DLC for the game.

You can now unlock various color packs in Guilty Gear Strive. These are part of some new DLC packs in the game. So with these, you can unlock various skins and colors in the game. Now let’s find out how to unlock these cars.

How to unlock Colors in Guilty Gear: Strive?

Guilty Gear Strive Unlock Colors

To unlock colors you will have to download the Additional Character Color, Sol & Ky Special Color, and Ultimate Edition Special Color.

Additional Character Color Pack

This color pack will unlock colors for all the 15 characters as well as the new five characters that are to be added. Every character will get five additional colors. So this allows for a total of 100 potential colors. This is a paid downloadable content pack and will also be included in the Guilty Gear: Strive Season Pass 1.

Sol and Ky Special Color

There are new special colors for Sol and Ky which will be included with the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions. However, to avail of this pack, you will have to purchase the above packs before June 25, 2021. You can also change the lightning and fire attack appearances with this color set.

Unlock Guilty Gear Strive Ultimate Edition Special Color pack

These colors will be limited to the Ultimate Pack only. They show a dark black color with certain blue highlights in between for specific characters in the game.

As of now, this is the only way to unlock colors in the game. We are guessing that these color skins require additional data which is why they have been included as downloadable content packs. There aren’t even any codes that can redeem colors as of now.

So, this is everything you need to know about how to unlock colors in Guilty Gear Strive. Now that you are here you can have a look at all the achievements and trophies you can get in the game.

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