How To Unlock Guild Palace Weapons In Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Grand Appreciation Fest Rewards

No doubt Guild Palace Weapons are the most good looking weapons set in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, if you are looking forward to finding out the exact steps on how to get Guild Palace Weapons like Rapier, Sword, Sabers, etc to get Guild Palace weapons, then this MHW Iceborn guide is for you. I can help you to figure out what exactly is required to craft Guild Palace weapons in Monster Hunter World, so let’s begin. Below is the list of things you will learn in this guide to learn everything about Guild Palace Weapons in MHW Iceborn.

How to Unlock Guild Palace Weapons

Guide Palace Weapons are rewards of Master Rank Event Quest – 50 Shades of White. So if you had not yet tested your skills in the Quest then this is the time to grab some cool looking weapons weaved in golden inlays and sharp edges. Guide Palace Weapons in Monter Hunter World are not only good looking but they are super strong, so hunting down monsters with them will make your life easy.

What is Master Rank and how to reach it?

Master Rank is added by Iceborn Expansion, it is a new tier that introduces newer weapons, quests, and foes. You can reach Master Rank by progressing through different assigned quests completing the base game. One way to reach Master Rank is by completing  Land of Convergence quest where you have to defeat Xeno’jiiva that last monster in Monster Hunter World.

Which Quest rewards Guild Palace Weapons?

To unlock Guide Palace weapons participate in Grand Appreciation Fest, it is a seasonal festival in Monster Hunter World (Iceborne). During the events, you can unlock quest rewards, take part in event quest and do a lot more. Visit the Notice Board for details on Grand Appreciation Fest.

What is required to craft to Guild Palace Weapons?

Play 50 Shades of White a Master Rank Quest in Monster Hunter World Iceborne which will be available for a limited time only. In the quest, you have to hunt Barioth – a large monster which is found in Hoarfrost Reach. MHW 50 Shades of White is is a part of Grand Appreciation Fest, it brings a new mission that will later reward you Fest Tickets. Two Fest Tickets are required to unlock one Guild Palace Weapon and there are 14 of them so you will need to grab around 28 Fest Tickets in MHW Iceborn to craft all Guild Palace Weapons. 50 Shades of White quest will end on February 13, 2020.

How to defeat Barioth?

Barioth is a mixture of a dragon and a dinosaur, even after being a hefty monster it is fast and can use strong tail swipes to throw you out of the ground. Barioth can also attack with his claws. Focus on destroying the claws first, this will make the monster immobile to an extent slowing him to attack. You can use Traps here which will work well, use Fire and Thunder element, and it can resist Ice and Water.

After completing the quest you will be rewarded with Fest Tickets, which are the useful parts used in crafting Guild Palace Weapons. Below is the list of Guild Palace weapons and their crafting recipes.

MHW Iceborn Guild Palace Weapons List

  1. Greatswords – Guild Palace Blade
  2. Longswords – Guild Palace Rapier
  3. Sword and Shield – Guild Palace Sword
  4. Dual Swords – Guild Palace Sabers
  5. Hammers – Guild Palace Mace
  6. Hunting Horns – Guild Palace Bard
  7. Lances – Guild Palace Tower
  8. Gunlances – Guild Palace Order
  9. Switchaxes – Guild Palace Cleaver
  10. Charge Blades – Guild Palace Disc
  11. Insect Glaives – Guild Palace Rod
  12. Light Bowguns – Guild Palace Bowgun
  13. Heavy Bowguns – Guild Palace Rifle
  14. Bows – Guild Palace Arc

MHW Iceborn Guild Palace Weapons Crafting Recipe

There are overall 14 Guild Palace Weapons in Monster Hunter Weapon Iceborns and all feature a common crafting recipe. Below is the list of items you will need to craft the different types of weapons.

  • 2x Fest Ticket
  • 2x Amber Hardfang
  • 5x Gracium
  • 1x Purecrysta

With the following information, you can easily work on building an armor set coupled with powerful and good looking Guild Palace Weapons.

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