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Recommendations on the Economy in Valorant

Valorant Economy Guide

The internal economy of the game is probably not the most interesting topic for the majority of gamers, but having mastered its basics, you will be much better prepared for the battle than your opponent. In Valorant, this aspect is incredibly important.

The Valorant economy is very similar to the CS: GO economy. Before each round, you are given 30 seconds to buy weapons, armor, and skills. The exception is a pistol round where you have 45 seconds instead. And you decide what to buy with your existing money, which is issued for certain actions in the game, such as killing and others. This Valorant Economics Guide will tell you everything you need to buy, and when you need to save your money.

How to Earn More Money in Valorant

Making money at Valorant is relatively easy. You just need to play successfully.

You get money in the following situations:

  • You get 3000 credits for winning the round.
  • If you lose a round, then you get only 1900 credits.
  • You get an additional 500 credits after losing two rounds in a row and 1000 for losing three. This means that you will get 2900 if you lose three rounds.
  • Each kill brings you 200 credits.
  • You will receive 300 credits for installing a bomb.
  • The maximum number of credits has been changed in update 0.50 and is 9000.

When to Buy Items in Valorant

Regardless of whether you received your credits for a bunch of kills and win rounds or received a consolation prize for losing three rounds in a row, it may be tempting to go a little crazy at the purchase stage.

Remember that you should not buy weapons and abilities in each round. For example, after a lost pistol round, the economy is almost always in a bad state and no one buys anything. This will allow you to make a good purchase in the next rounds.

You can tell your team that you are purchasing something or doing an eco round. This is very convenient, and your teammate will be able to sell weapons already purchased, knowing that you are doing eco.

You can also request weapons from a teammate or share it with him if he requested. In this regard, Valorant is very convenient and is better than other games.

What to Buy in Valorant

This depends on your preferences, but some things may be prioritized. It comes in the following way:

  1. Weapons. You need a weapon that will be at least convenient for you if you want to shoot well. Also, you can take not expensive, but very useful Specter for 1600 credits if you lack the ability. Phantom or Vandal can always be picked up from the killed enemy.
  2. Next come the armor and abilities. It depends on who you play and the composition of the team. Sometimes it’s better to buy abilities that will help to save your team.

We hope this article has helped you to better understand the Valorant world.