How To Guess Snifit Mood Correctly In Paper Mario Origami King

Mario will encounter a Snifit who tasks you with guessing its mood correctly. This guide will show you how to guess Snifit's mood easily.

If you have met a Snifit in Shroom City (Snif City) and you want to know how to guess its mood, we will show you the right choice. In this mini-game, you have to observe Snifit’s expression and choose the right mood from the options given. Completing this task is essential to move ahead in the story because if you refuse, the game will be over. If you agree to play (which you must), you have to pay 100 coins to start the mini-game. So, here’s how to guess Snifit mood in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Guessing Snifit Mood in Paper Mario Origami King (Right Answer)

There will be two rounds of guessing Snifit’s mood. One you pay the amount of 100 coins, the mini game will begin and you will have three chances. It is quite tough because the Snifit’s expression is very hard to understand. If you lose this round, don’t worry. You can try again by spending 1000 coins this time.

While it is possible to win the first round itself, most will end up reaching the second round. Try giving a different answer in each of those three chances so that there is a good probability of winning.

Now, how to guess Snifit’s mood in the second round? Well, the trick is to answer with Snickering Sniff. You will know this because the Snifit will laugh at you for getting the previous answers wrong. His dialogues will also have a lot of ‘haha, eh heh heh, hee hee and wahaha’ to show you that it is indeed snickering. When you guess the Snifit’s expression correctly, it will be surprised to know that you chose the right answer.


Reward for playing the Snifit Mini-game

Unfortunately, the 10,000 coins that were initially promised to you will turn out to be a scam because the Snifit will run off. What a little trickster! But there is a ‘reward’ for completing the Snifit mini-game: you can now reach the lamp (using 1000 Fold Arms) and rub it to release Luigi who will help you progress the story. He will give you the key to Peach’s castle.

If you give the wrong answer in both rounds, you will be thrown into the magic lamp along with Luigi and the game will be over.

That’s basically everything on how to guess the Snifit’s mood in Paper Mario: The Origami King. While you are here, you can check out our other Paper Mario guides on GamerTweak as well.