Guerrilla Games Recent Job Posting Hints Towards A Future Multiplayer Game

Guerrilla Games have carved up a reputation for themselves for delivering amazing titles like Horizon Zero Dawn and the Killzone franchise.

Rumors are afloat of Killzone 5 being in the works because there was huge news last year that the studio could be working on a game with a multiplayer mode and they even went ahead and hired Rainbow Six Siege developers for an unannounced project.

Now, the studio has taken the rumor mill by storm by posting a job vacancy which hints towards a multiplayer game being in the works.

The list of requirements for the job are listed below

What Will You Do

  • You will build a robust backend that can scale up to serve many concurrent users
  • You will work on systems like matchmaking, tournaments, clans, and leaderboards
  • You will cooperate with game designers to achieve the vision for the game
  • You will work on systems to test and deploy a new server set without downtime
  • You will integrate the game servers with the PlayStation Network and other third-party service
  • You will keep up to date with the Java world and introduce new technologies when they are relevant for Guerrilla
  • If you are comfortable with C++, you can help integrate the back end services in the game client

    Though nothing seems to be certain as of this moment exactly what the studio is working on it heavily orientates towards Killzone 5 being developed unless the studio is thinking about making Horizon Zero Dawn sequel with the multiplayer mode in it.

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