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Guardians Of The Galaxy Best Choices & Consequences Guide

Read this guide to learn all about the best consequences and choices in all the chapters in Guardians of the Galaxy.

When playing Guardians of the Galaxy, you will often come across opportunities to make choices that have different consequences. The choices you make are entirely dependent upon you. However, it is important to know and understand the effects each decision will have on your performance and progress in the game. If you are wondering what the best choices and consequences are in this game, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will show you all of the possible choices in all the chapters, and the consequences of each of them.


Table of Contents

Guardians Of The Galaxy Best Choices & Consequences Guide


Chapter One Choices & Consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy

There are no important choices and consequences in this chapter of Guardians of the Galaxy. You will only find a few dialogue choices that do not have a lot of consequences.


Chapter Two Choices & Consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy

Double Down or Lie

When you face this particular choice in Guardians of the Galaxy, you can choose between either Double Down or Lie.

If you choose Double Down, you will see Star Lord discussing his past with the captain of the other ship. During this conversation, he will promise that he does not intend on smuggling anything. Drax will enter the cockpit with a box of illegal tech items. This will result in the captain not paying heed to any of your pleas.


If you choose Lie, you will simply lie and tell the captain that your navigation malfunctioned. Drax will now arrive with a box of illegal goods. Following this, you will be threatened with arrest.

Hide the Creature or Hide the Tech

If you pick Hide the Creature, Star Lord will ask Drax to hide the Llama. This will disappoint Rocket, as he wants the technology. To justify his actions, Star Lord will explain that he has had relations in the past with the captain of the other ship. Because of this, he believes that he can convince the captain to allow them to keep the tech. The Star Lord, however, does not feel like the captain will avoid the potential of a biohazard. This means that if you go ahead with this decision, you will receive a fine of 7000 units for smuggling tech that is illegal. The Llama, however, will be with you throughout the entirety of the journey. You will also be able to pet it during certain points of the storyline.


If you choose to Hide the Tech, you will displease Gomora. Despite this, she will trust you when you tell her that you will be able to talk your way out of the mess. A little while later, you will see a boarding party arriving. You will receive a fine of 8000 units. Further in the game, you will receive lock-on rockets for your ship whenever you battle in space.

Back Pedal or Stick Up For Nikki

If you choose the Back Pedal option, you will quite literally backpedal and then say that Nikki has a conviction. She will not be happy with this action. However, regardless of whatever happens, both of you will be going up in the elevator.

If you choose Stick Up For Nikki, Star Lord will tell her mother that she took care of herself quite well and that her mother should be proud. However, Nikki’s mother will continue to remain upset at her daughter. She will then proceed to lock down the elevator.

Make A Joke, Back-Up Ko-Rel, Reaactivate Elevator

Of these different choices in Guardians of the Galaxy, if you choose to Make a Joke, Star Lord will make a joke about getting stuck inside an elevator. However, Nikki and her mother will not be very appreciative of the joke and will make their displeasure known. They will then continue to argue among themselves. This choice will gradually result in Nikki giving you her passkey as she now trusts you. Because of this, you will be able to enter her room as the story progresses.

If you decide to Back Up Ko-Rel, you will tell Nikki how you feel her mother is on to her. Ko-Rel will not allow anybody to leave the elevator until somebody gives her answers. Nikki, however, will end up losing her key because of her vague attempts to lie and say she can fit through things easier because of her small size.

If you pick Reactivate Elevator, you will fail in trying to stop the lockdown. Both Nikki, as well as her mother, will be express their frustration with you. Nikki will also express hesitation at trusting you.

Side with Ko-Rel or Try to Help Nikki

Deciding to side with Ko-Rel will result in Star Lord advising Nikki to tell her mother all she needs to know. Star Lord will express his amazement at Nikki’s young age of just 12. Nikki will eventually trust you and hand over her passkey.

If you decide to try to help Nikki, you will tell Nikki about the glitch which is present across all the systems. Nikki will mention the security being down, after which you will agree with her. After this, Ko-Rel will order Nikki to clear her pockets. However, Ko-Rel will be met with a stern no from Nikki.

Tell Ko-Rel the Truth, Divert Attention, Take The Blame

Choosing to tell Ko-Rel the truth about Nikki having a passkey will result in Nikki getting upset with you and giving up her passkey.

Picking the option to Divert Attention will result in you telling Ko-Rel that you still harbor feelings for her. This will result in both, Nikki as well as Ko-Rel getting surprised. Nikki will also begin to doubt her ability to trust you, and you will find out that Nikki created the key herself. Despite this, she will still lose the key.

Do The Math or Ignore The Math

If you choose to do the math, you will come to the realization that Nikki is quite likely your daughter. Ko-Rel will offer to pay off your fine over a period of three cycles. You will have to pay an amount of either 7 or 8000 units for smuggling, and this depends on your earlier choices.

However, if you decide to ignore the math, Star Lord will offer his toy chewie the choice to either stay or come back to him. Star Lord will play with the Wookie, even mimicking the voice of a Wookie when doing so. The chewie will then realize that he is alright and choose to stay back with Ko-Rel.


Chapter 3 Choices & Consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy

Hear Out Drax, Call on Groot, Focus on Rocket

If you decide to hear Drax out, Star Lord will explain to the team that Fing Fang Foom is a monster with a great legacy. It is feared right across the entirety of the galaxy. He will also explain that such a death would be a glorious one, however, the team will counter this statement, claiming that death is not the objective. Rocket will then claim that the best choice is to sell Gamura’s figures. Groot will gather the team together and suggest that everybody needs to combine each other’s ideas.

If you decide to Call on Groot, you will hear him out. Rocket will also listen to Groot and help translate his message. Groot will suggest that all the ideas need to be combined together.

If you choose to Focus on Rocket, you will lean more towards Rocket’s idea of selling Gamura’s figures. Rocket will back this up by suggesting that her collection will attract plenty of buyers who will not mind paying high prices.

Vote to Sell Groot or Rocket

If you decide to sell Groot, Star Lord will thank him for volunteering to be sold. He will explain how Groot is a more convincing choice. Along with this, he also promises to help rescue Groot as soon as the transaction has been completed. You will be offered the opportunity to change your mind later, however, this will not make that big of a difference. All it will do is change a few cutscenes and the mission with Lady Hellbender.

Now, if you decide to Vote to Sell Rocket, you will tell him that he is fearsome on the inside.

Encourage Drax or Stop Drax

Choosing to encourage Drax will quite literally result in you encouraging him, infuriating Rocket in the process. To pacify him, you will then tell him that you will offer him a rise of 10% to his cut. The next time you make the suggestion to toss Rocket, he will get angry again.

If you decide to stop Drax, Star Lord will end up informing Drax about his intentions to not throw Rocket. Instead, he will decide to find another way.

Stand your Ground or Change your Mind

If you choose the former, Star Lord will inform Drax of his plans to get Groot into the cage. The only major differences here will be in the form of cutscenes, so there’s not much to worry about.

If you choose to Change your Mind, you will be able to switch Groot and sell Rocket. This will anger Gamora because of the fact that you had voted on it. However, Rocket will be more than pleased to get inside the cage.

Deflect, Qualify, Rationalize, Compromise, Reassure, or Argue

Choosing deflect will result in you telling your mother that she used to watch scary movies during her youth. However, she will refuse to budge.


Choosing to go with Qualify will result in you having to find another way to convince your mother, as she will not budge.


As the name suggests, you will try to appeal to your mother through rational means. However, despite this, she will need a little more convincing.


Choosing this option will result in you telling your mother that you can still do some of the same things. You will push her a little more, but she will still not budge.


Choosing reassurance will result in mom finally handing over the cash because you manage to convince her about it not being a very big deal.


Your mother finally hands over the cash once you tell her how you are not such a little kid anymore.


Chapter 4

Side With Rocket or Gamora

This choice will result in Rocket claiming that agreeing with him is the smart thing to do as a consequence in Guardians of the Galaxy (GOTG). He will also poke some fun at Gamora.

Side With Gamora

Star Lord will claim that Gamora is a trustworthy person and that he trusts her with his own life.

Take The Lead Or Encourage Drax

Choosing to Take the Lead will result in you quite literally taking the lead. You will introduce yourself to the queen, despite the fact that she does not know who you are. You will then go on to ask Drax to show the queen the monster. However, Drax will express confusion at this request.

Encourage Drax

Encouraging Drax will result in him agreeing because of the fact that you are not great at negotiation. He will then proceed to speak with the woman and tell her that she needs to be well-versed with the specific weapon. The queen will also offer to give Drax a demonstration. Depending on your earlier choice, you will either show the queen Rocket or Groot.

Encourage Cuteness or Push Rocket

If you choose to encourage cuteness, you will convince the queen about Rocket’s cuteness when he drinks from a saucer. The queen will enjoy this, and even express her appreciation at his attitude. Quite weirdly, though, this appreciation will trigger Rocket into shooting at everyone.

If you choose to push ferociousness, you will need to convince the queen that Rocket is genuinely strong. You will have to convince her that Rocket can actually be a potent killing machine.

Groot Price Negotiation (Offer Less/Support Drax)

If you offer less, Star Lord will counter you with an offer for 10,000 units. While Gamora and Star Lord will agree about 10,000 units being perfect, Drax will still stand by his request of 20,000 units. Eventually, he will settle for an amount of 9,537 units, and Groot will be taken away.

If you choose to support Drax’s request for 20,000 units, Lady Hellbender will offer 15,000 units, with the condition that Drax needs to stay. Countering this, Drax will explain his other commitments, and Hellbender will finally agree on a price of 12,000 units.

Price Negotiation for Rocket (Stick with Offer/Offer Less)

If you choose to stick with the original offer, you will have the opportunity to agree to Rocket’s suggestion of 20,000 units. You will try to lie to him by mentioning the fact that you have another potential dealer. However, Rocket will call your bluff, and now you will need to shoot your way out.

If you choose to offer less, you will infuriate Rocket, who will start to shoot up the place.

Chapter 5 Choices & Consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy

Ask about Crime or Ask about Nova Corps

If you choose the ask about crime option, Star Lord will ask the criminal about the crime, however, there will be no response from the criminal.

If you ask about the Nova Corps, the criminal will deny knowing a lot. However, he will still request your help in getting out. You will then receive the option to interact with the holding cell if you wish to.

Put It Down Or Speak Into Helmet

If you choose to put the helmet down, Star Lord will choose to not pay attention to the voices on the other side. He will throw his helmet to the other side, and a notification will then appear, saying that the Guardians agree that keeping quiet was the right choice. You will be witness to the executions of Nova Corps members as you leave.

If you decide to speak into the helmet, you will hear voices through the helmet. However, these voices will not sound like those of Nova Corps. The voices will offer help when you tell them you are in search of the centurion. The voices say they will come to you when you tell them where you are.

You will then have the ability to choose if you want to retreat or stall and defend yourself.


Chapter 6

Defer to Gamora, Tell The Truth, Pretend You Remember, Freeze and Say Nothing

If you decide to defer to Gamora, she will tell you how both of you fought together.

If you decide to tell the truth, Star Lord claims that he has no memory of a previous encounter, before apologizing. He will sing upon becoming upset at Star Lord.

If you pretend that you remember, he will laugh and sing upon being relieved.

If you freeze, Rocket will get upset. He will then begin to sing, and you will have to join him.

Like a Hurricane or Sweetest Lover

These decisions involve the lyrics of a song or two. These songs include Rolling Like a Hurricane, Like A Lover, Through the Rain, and Cherry Lips.

Buy the Disabler or Refuse It

If you decide to purchase the Disabler, you will receive a notification informing you about your purchase of a black market device to render the Nova Core device disabled.

If you refuse to take Disabler, the dealer will allow you to send your Tech guy to make the choice.

Lets Play or No Thanks

If you say no thanks, you will very obviously decline to play the game and walk away from it. This will result in the brain getting upset at you.

If you select Let’s Play, you will need to play a game where you have to guess the location of the ball. Guessing this location correctly will result in a prize of 1000 credits. However, once you are done, you will still be asked to play again.

If you decide to play again, you will have to pay an amount of 1500 units. However, the ball will not be inside the cup you choose. This is because of the fact that the whole game is one big con. At best, you will be able to win the first attempt and leave. These will be the consequences of your choices in Guardians of the Galaxy

Play Slots

Spending 500 units will result in you getting a jackpot. However, the machine will malfunction. Attempting to interact with it again will see Peter tell you that it is still broken.

Check on Drax or Concentrate on the Rift

If you check on Drax, he will say that he came back to remember his family. Drax and you will then bond over family members dying without a reason.

If you concentrate on the rift, Drax will claim that he does not have an idea when you ask him what would happen if you were to have gone through the rift. You will then have the choice to either disagree with Drax or probe him further. These will be the consequences of your choices in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Important or Enemies

If you choose important in this flashback scene, your mother will tell you all about how you are being watched. She will also tell you about him being the king of an entire world, and his leadership skills.

If you make the choice of enemies, your mother will tell you about your father’s men being at war, and how he had to leave Earth in order to prevent the war from spreading here as a consequence in GOTG.

Chapter 7

Defuse the Situation or Push Back

If you choose to defuse the situation, everything will be alright. All that happens is Rocket and Star Lord will yell at each other. Shortly after, Cosmo will appear too.

If you decide to push back, the exact same thing will happen.

Deny Knowing Rocket or Stay Together

Choosing to deny having any knowledge about Rocket will see you claim the same. You will then say that he has quit the Guardians, after which the two of you will have an argument. Cosmo will claim to have seen you on Nova Rock.

Red or Yellow Color Power Supply

If you choose to plug in the Red color power supply, the doors will open. You will be thrown out into space, before having a few quick time events. After this, you will receive a new elemental shot.

The same applies if you choose to plug in yellow too.

Sweep the Leg or Ride the Stars

Choosing Sweep the Leg will see Gamora remembering the phrase.

Choosing Ride the Stars will then see a message saying Gamora will remember the phrase.

Question the Math or Do it

Choosing the question the math won’t really do anything. All that happens is that the dates add up. You will then gather the team back again to keep looking.

If you do the math, the dates will match. You will still gather the team back again to keep looking.

Confess or Deflect

Confessing will see you admit that the creature is most likely the very same one that you released.

If you pick deflect, you will claim that Rocket is right. You will also deny knowing if the creature is the very one you released.

Chapter 8

Distract Raker, Fake Interest, Support Gamora

By choosing to distract, you will say that there is something wrong with his face. He will reply by telling you that he suffered a disfigurement during battle.

Choosing to fake it will see you act as you have too many questions to ask Raker. During this time, Rocket will loiter around in the background.

Choosing support will see you take cover for Gamora. However, you will want to learn more about energy.

Rethink Choice or Accept the Promise

If you decide to rethink the choice, you will be taken back to the cut-scene where you saved your mother. This scene will play out the same, except for the fact that you will now have to break free.

Accepting the promise will simply see the journey end.

Play Along or Come Clean

Choosing to play along will see you deny having forgotten anything. You will then have to set everything up.

Coming clean will see you simply admit the fact that you forgot. You will then be reminded about the fact that you had to help in setting up a birthday party.

Chapter 9

Focus on Bounty or choose to Identify with Glory

If you go with the first choice, you will find yourself offering to pay more.

However, if you choose to identify, you will tell him how he has a nice Merc name, and how you range with ravagers. After this, he will mock you for not being strong, before explaining the lethal legion.

Computer Choice

If you want to get through the computer phase, you need to report crimes and also offer to pay the fee. Doing so will send you over to the next phase.

Reject Conclusion or Share Intel

Rejecting the conclusion will see you tell the Worldmind that they can be stopped. During this time, you will also try your best to convince them to prevent their enemies from progressing, but this will not work.

If you choose to share intelligence, you will inform Worldmind about how you managed to escape their ship. You will offer to share information. The computer, however, will doubt your ability to say anything. There will be a few more questions and choices you can make after this.

Pay your Debt or Leave

If you choose to pay the debt fee, your entire team will express disappointment. Doing so will take the disabler off your shi[. The Nova Core will trust you too.

Choosing to not pay will see Gamora remind you all about the disabler. You will not get to use your disabler at any point during this time.

Chapter 10

Lie or Stall

If you lie, Drax will be happy. He will then tell you that you will be able to see your mother and daughter again.

Stalling him will see you ask him some questions, which Drax will understand before explaining to you. This will then lead to a few more choices, for which you can decide accordingly.

Calling the Bluff or Indulging in Curiosity

Picking this choice will see Star Lord being unable to give you a craving name. He will explain that the name just appeared through his consciousness.

If you pick to indulge in curiosity, you will ask exactly what you want to. Drax will claim to hear the voice, and little else. Raker steals the gem from Warlock.

Blame Warlock or Blame Raker

Choosing the first option will see Star Lord blame Warlock because of his carelessness. Warlock will claim to be prompted because of his desperation.

Choosing the second option will see you blame Raker because he knew what he was doing. You will claim that Warlock was fooled.

Focus on either Nikki or Ko-Rel

If you choose to focus on Nikki, Star Lord will explain the fact that Nikki needs to accept the reality of the death of her mother.

The second option will see you ask yourself if you will be able to get Ko-Rel back. However, Warlock will quash these thoughts by telling you that Nikki needs to accept her mother’s death.


Chapter 12

Yes or No

If you say yes, you will agree with Warlock, who will make an oath with Starlord.

If you say no, you will refuse to stoop down because you do not know what he wants.

Clarifying will see Warlock explain to you what he means by what he said. He will insult you in the process too.

Scold or Help

If you scold Cosmo, he will bite your finger. He will then berate you for barking at him, as he believes that is something a real friend would not do.

If you choose to help Cosmo, Star Lord will calm him down by talking about their friendship.

Chapter 13

Investigate for Details or Welcome the Ritual

Investigating for details will see you claim that people had come to look for something.

Welcoming the ritual will see you feel like you are a part of something. You will talk about destiny when Rocket cracks a joke.

Check on Wellbeing or Get Aggressive

The first option will see you check on her to see if all is good. She will then tell you that there is a chance that Nikki might have already left.

Harnessing the aggression will see you claim to be in love with the spirit of murder. You will request a reduction in the murders to seven, however, she will settle only for nine.

Chapter 15

Display cautiousness or Snap her out of it

Being cautious will see you do your best to explain things to her. However, all she will do is tell you to go get the items again.

You can also snap Nikki out of it by telling her how nothing is real. However, Nikki will not believe you.

Explain her Feelings, Try Relating, Acknowledge the Limits

If you pick to explain feelings, Star Lord will tell Nikki about the things she is feeling. Nikki, however, will not bother with listening to Star Lord because she cannot understand.

Trying to relate will also not work, as Nikki will just not care about how you feel.

Acknowledging limits will see you sympathize with how Nikki is feeling. This choice will also give you the opportunity to make a few other decisions.

Chapter 16

Take the Knee or Slow Clap

Taking the knee will see your teammates looking at you in surprise. Because of this, they will not take a knee.

Slow clapping is a sarcastic gesture. Your enemies, however, will be unable to spot this.

Appeal or Berate

If you choose to appeal, you will claim that this is not the real you. Warlock, however, will show no interest in whatever you say. At this stage, you can even choose to restart the game.

Berating Warlock will see you pester him.

Provoke Warlock or Talk about the Good Times

Provoking Warlock will simply see you insult him.

Recalling the good times will see you convince Warlock about him being a nice person. You will convince him about his true identity, and how he is not a God who destroys galaxies.

These are all of the choices and consequences for the chapters in Guardians of the Galaxy. Remember to keep checking this guide, as we will keep it updating it in case there are any new consequences and choices.

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