GTA Online Gets Into The Thanksgiving And Black Friday Season By Offering Huge Discounts

Prasad More
2 Min Read

Black Friday and Thanksgiving weeks brought a ton of offers for gamers and Rockstar Games wasn’t going to let this wonderful opportunity let go. A new event in GTA Online has been released and this new update brings of things including, cars, more pash payouts, and discounts on various real estate locations and vehicles.

As long as you are ready to splash in some cash in GTA Online, Rockstar has got you covered, the new car is called Vapid Peyote Gasser and is a monster when it comes to drag racing, You can purchase this car from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

You also get doubt cash payouts for missions like biker business sell missions, nightclub sell missions, the Fleeca Job, Humane Labs Raid, and Pacific Standard Job heists. This is also the perfect time to have a nightclub establishment as you get double the rewards for the time trials in free mode.

If you happen to fancy your chances at the casino, you might want to hit the lucky wheel as you can win the Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire, which is identical to the Mustang. A new collection of threads is also available at the casino shop.

Now you can renovate your surroundings with up to 40-60% off add-ons for casino penthouse, biker clubhouses, biker businesses, facilities, nightclubs, hangards, arena workshops, yachts, and high-end apartments. Similar discounts are available for racing vehicle buyers. They include the Progen Emerus, Principe Deveste Eight, Dewbauchee Vagner, Ubermacht SC1, Progen T20, Ubermacht Revolter, Lampadati Viseris, Annis Savestra, Vapid Dominator GTX, Vapid FMJ, RC Bandito.

You also get a good deal when trying to purchase military vehicles, so make sure that you check out these crazy deals as soon as you can.

GTA Online is developed by Rockstar Games and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.