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GTA Release Date and Updates 2020 For PS5, Xbox X and PC

It is already known that popular videogame franchise is currently developing GTA 6, but apart from that, there aren’t any details that are surfacing on the internet. Rockstar has made it so that no leaks have appeared either during the development.


What to expect in GTA 6

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No release date is in sight, and while fans have requested a new GTA game for ages, the last being made in 2013. Rockstar has instead invested their time and focus on GTA Online instead.

While no official announcement is made, there have been rumors of GTA 6 taking things back to GTA Vice City. As every fan knows, Vice City featured Tommy Vercetti voiced by Hollywood actor Ray Liotta.


If at all Vice City is brought back, we might get to know what happened to Tommy’s character after the events of Vice City, except for a brief mention by Ken Rosenberg in GTA San Andreas.

What to expect of Vice City in GTA 6

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As we know, Tommy Vercetti climbs the ladder and rises to the top of the criminal world in Vice City, maybe GTA 6 could have him as an underworld lord who has been pulling the strings of things that have since happened in Vice City.

Tommy Vercetti could have an NPC role and could mentor the next character, as Tommy is well versed by now since his climb to the ranks happened in the 1980s. GTA 6 could be set in the 2010’s or later and with Tommy overseeing the development and change that the Vice City has brought in throughout the years.


Tommy could very well be the final boss, that the new character might have to fight, think of this as a final hurdle that the character has to cross before claiming his top spot. Tommy too had to go through a similar struggle when he bested Diaz in Vice City.

Vice City is designed on Miami City and if this is merged with all the maps that GTA games have had so far now, it could very well bring tons of characters back.

What to expect of GTA San Andreas in GTA 6

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The GTA San Andreas map is readily available in GTA V and is one of the most iconic places in all of gaming, thanks to the wonderful games developed by Rockstar and a popular meme that has been going viral for quite some time.

The Story of CJ, was distinctly different from that of Vice City, while Tommy actively wanted to be in the underworld industry. CJ was trying to go away from it and being dragged every single time.

CJ has to overcome family issues and betrayal so to have his character in GTA 6 would give fans another look at a beloved character that we haven’t heard from in a long time.

What to expect of GTA 4 in GTA 6

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GTA 4 had Niko Bellic in the lead role, while he is mentioned a bit in GTA V, it is also said that Niko has since gone off the radar. Maybe Niko went back to his country of origin leaving behind the streets of Liberty City. Maybe Tommy and he had crossed paths. GTA is a small world and both of these characters being from criminal backgrounds.

GTA 4 also had plenty of other things that can tie in GTA 6 to everything else and might be a huge point in the main storyline of GTA 6.

What to expect of GTA V in GTA 6

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GTA V is the most recent entry will certainly have a big role to play, GTA V was the first game in the series that made in cross international borders and introduced three playable characters.

What this gives to the players is the opportunity or hope that maybe, all the previous iconic characters could be playable in GTA 6. Though each and every character is pivotal it remains to be seen which characters do and do not come back and some of the choices you make in GTA V could lead to a character dying.

All in all GTA 6 will certainly massive, and though nothing is announced it is overdue to get a GTA game at this point. Rockstar has not mentioned the release date but it can be certainly confirmed that GTA 6 will be developed for the next-generation console.

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If Rockstar makes an announcement about GTA 6 during E3 this year, then it will be nothing short of the most spectacular announcements to be made in recent history, it has the potential to surpass Cyberpunk’s 2018 release date announcement which featured Keanu Reeves.

We will keep you updated on GTA 6 as and when it is possible, do let us know what you think about it and if you have any ideas or characters you would like to see in a GTA game.