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GTA 6 Rumored To Be A PlayStation 5 Exclusive

GTA 6 will be the cornerstone for Rockstar Games and no matter how much the fans of the GTA series want it, the release will only be after the new generation of consoles are released.

But one of the most fascinating news which should be taken with a pinch of salt is the rumor that GTA 6 will reportedly be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, as we have seen nothing is impossible for the gaming industry but this just sounds like a complete fabrication.

Another thing that crept up from the rumor mill is the fact that GTA 6 could very well feature Vice City. This is a great throwback to what made the GTA series so popular and since Vice City is modeled after Miami and the setting of the game was hugely influenced by the film Scarface.

This is more than possible as GTA V featured places from GTA San Andreas, it is without a doubt that GTA 6 will certainly be the biggest launch of the new generation of consoles.

It just remains to be seen how much of a difference the newer console brings to the franchise and how much different will the experience be.

But taking things back a bit to GTA Online, there is still a ton of content that Rockstar Games has and they have a strategic plan to release it with time.

Rob Nelson, co-studio head at Rockstar North said: “So we choose not to telegraph that entire timeline to players. That said, players should feel confident that we have a ton of brand new ideas still to come. It’s been six years and we just hit record player numbers and we are all incredibly grateful to everyone who’s been with us along the way. In terms of what’s coming up, Halloween should be a lot of fun this year and we’ve got really exciting plans for later in the holiday season and beyond”.

It is without a doubt that 2020 looks like a big year not only for Rockstar with GTA 6, Sony with its PS5 but also for all of gaming in general.