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GTA 6 Gets A New Character Named ‘The Mexican’ Resume Leaked

The biggest GTA official leak has been revealed and now we know that actor Jorge Consejo will be playing the character named “The Mexican” in GTA 6. There have been rumors about GTA 6 being in development for years but Rockstar Games have refused to let the people know anything or even acknowledged its existence in development.

But this new leak shows that not only is the game in development but also that voice actors have been cast, while we only know of only one actor as of now, it won’t be long before the entire list is revealed.

It was rumored that GTA 6 would take things back to Vice City and will have Mexico a part of the game, with a character named “The Mexican” it adds up the flame to the rumors even more.

The actor Jorge Consejo even wrote on Twitter that he cannot further talk about ongoing projects.


This is one of the biggest rumors of GTA 6, and also kind of a confirmation that GTA 6 will soon be released. Though it can still be more than a year but the actors listing shows that most of the game probably has been crafted with now the dialogue parts being set in for the narrative arch of the game.

This small detail has sent the entire world and all the fans of GTA series in a frenzy and everyone is searching every actors resume trying to unearth more clues.

We will update you on more about the development of GTA 6 as and when we have more information. Until then check out other news, reviews, guides and features only on GamerTweak.