Rumors Suggest GTA 5 Source Code Leaked Online Along With Other Files

Rumors are circling around that the GTA 5 Source Code was leaked and more files related to GTA 6, Bully 2, and Midnight Club 5 might be under threat of exposure.

While the festival season is meant for the joy and light, it’s another dark and gloomy Christmas for Rockstar Games. Rumors and reports suggest the GTA 5 source code leaked online along and hackers are holding on to 200GB files that may contain data on GTA 6, Bully 2, and Midnight Club 5 as well. With the GTA 6 announcement for 2025, Rockstar Games would have thought that they were in a great position. However, the leak of these confidential materials might be another long saga that may or may not end badly.

Rumors surfaced earlier that a small part of the GTA V source codes was leaked online. However, new reports are completely contradictory with the leaks suggested to be a massive one. Although these leaks have surfaced now, there are rumors that suggest that they were a part of the massive leak last year and have only been revealed now.

GTA 5 Source Code Leaked Online Could be Part of Bigger Threat

GTA 5 Source Code Leaked also reveals user IDs and Employee Data
Image Source: GTA Focal

It has been reported that today’s leak involved a 4GB file predominantly comprising code, however, the complete version of the source is yet to be leaked. This complete source file includes assets and 3D models, and is likely to allow the construction and execution of the game. The entire source file is suggested to be about 200GB and the 4GB leak seems to be less of a threat in comparison.

Rumors also suggest that the undisclosed leaks may also contain files for GTA 6, Bully 2, and Midnight Club 5 which might also be a new headache for Rockstar Games. The leaks were brought to light with a tweet from GTA Focal who have shared most of important news and updates related to it.

While the original link has been removed, the leaked GTA 5 source code is now surfacing through social media platforms. According to the tweet from GTA Focal, Take-Two Interactive is actively working to remove online links. However, with the 200GB source file, reports suggest that the hackers are negotiating whether they will release them or not.

It has also been revealed that the leak also has parts of employee IDs and other sensitive data.

Rockstar has faced its fair share of troubles and not too long ago, they had to release GTA 6 trailer earlier than expected due to a potential breach. For more News coverage do check out our dedicated section while you are here at Gamer Tweak.