GTA Online G’s Caches Location Today (March 2023)

Here is a guide on where to find G's Caches in GTA Online.

Are you struggling to get your hands on G’s Caches in GTA Online? Then worry not because we have the right guide for you. Otherwise known as Gerald’s Caches, these are dead drop items that spawn on the map every day. The location of these caches refreshes each day and can be picked up only once every 24 hours. With a map as huge as Los Santos, you are bound to take a huge amount of time finding these smartly hidden items. However, our guide will help you with all the spawn locations of the G’s Caches.

G’s Caches GTA Online Spawn Location (March 2023)

There are a total of 15 locations where you can find Gerald’s Caches in GTA. Since it refreshes everyday, you will need to know where the dead drop can spawn every time. Without wasting any more of your time, here are all the spawn locations of G’s Caches in GTA Online:

gerald cache location gta online

  1. In El Burro Heights near the Elysian Fields Freeway
  2. Mirror Park Lake
  3. In Legion Square
  4. On Vespucci Beach
  5. In Decker Park, Little Seoul
  6. University of San Andreas, Richman
  7. In the Chumash Historic Family Pier
  8. In Galileo Observatory at Vinewood Hills
  9. In Hill Valley Church at Great Chaparral
  10. In Palmer-Taylor Power Station
  11. At Senora National Park in Grand Senora Desert
  12. At Millar’s Fishery Co in Galilee
  13. At Grapseed Rail Terminal in Grapeseed
  14. At Bayview Lodge in Paleto Forest
  15. At the Railyard near Clucking Bell Farms in Paleto Bay

Whenever you enter a free mode session, you will see a purple crate symbol appear on your map. These purple crates are called Gerald’s Caches and are famous for being smartly hidden. They contain cash, RP, ammo and snacks. If you are lucky, you might get over $30k in one crate!

You will be able to identify G’s Caches when you see a wooden crate with red straps on it. Also, when you are close enough, you will hear a beeping sound. Now that you know about the crate’s spawn locations, just head there and keep your eyes peeled!

That’s all there is to it on GTA Online G’s Caches. We hope you managed to find Gerald’s Caches today. For more tips & tricks like this, head to our GTA Online section on Gamer Tweak.