How To Get To The Airport In Greenville

Looking for a Greenville Airport location? Drive on the route we have given to reach there.

Do you want to get to the Airport in Greenville but keep getting lost due to the complex network of roads? You are not the only one, many players found it difficult to find their way after exiting the spawn area. Understanding this, we have made a step-by-step guide that will let you reach your destination fastest. And since it’s easy to forget the route with so many different places to explore, we recommend you bookmark this guide and get to the Airport whenever you want.

With constant updates, events, and such a vast map, you’ll never be short of places to visit in this game. You can take different jobs to roleplay and meet friends from all around the world. Unlock fancy, powerful, and unique cars to travel in style. You can even customize your vehicles to make them the way you want.

How to Reach Airport in Greenville

Airport Location in Greenville
Screenshot by GamerTweak
  • Go to the area where you spawned. You can simply relaunch the game to spawn there.
  • Once there, take out the car and leave the parking lot to reach the road.
  • Take the left-side route and keep driving till you pass two roundabouts.
  • After passing both roundabouts, drive slowly, so you don’t miss the Airport.
  • Now, pay attention to the signs in the opposite way. When you see the Just Buy sign there, head a little ahead, and you’ll spot the Airport on your right.
Reach Airport in Greenville
Screenshot by GamerTweak
  • Also, on the little right of the Airport is a big white pole with a red and white balloon-type thing on the top.
  • You will find the Airport after passing the cargo houses and petrol pump.
  • Just try to keep your speed low, or the Airport might not load before you have passed it.
Get to the Greenville Airport Fast
Screenshot by GamerTweak
  • After going there a few times, you’ll most probably remember the route, but if you don’t, then try to travel at night.
  • As you can see in the picture above, the place will be lit at night. So you’ll easily find it.

Hopefully, this helped you find the Airport in Greenville. If it did we suggest you check our other Roblox guides and use Greenville codes to get freebies. Roblox has many Town and City theme games, which you would enjoy if you liked this game.