The 10 Best Deck Cards In Back 4 Blood

Titus D'souza
6 Min Read

If you play Back 4 Blood, you may have heard about cards and their systems. Understanding these cards and how they work can be quite overwhelming at first, but you will be happy to know that it is actually quite a simple concept to understand. You will come across cards whenever you begin a new level inside a safe house. Here, you receive a prompt to play any card from your deck. You can consider these cards to be perks or bonuses. In this guide, we will show you the 10 greatest cards in this game, and how they can help you get even better.

10 Greatest Back 4 Blood Cards For Your Deck


Combat Knife – One of the Best Back 4 Blood Cards

We recommend you keep the Combat Knife card right at the top of your deck in Back 4 Blood. What the combat knife does is it helps you to be able to effectively get away from zombies when they surround you. You can keep these zombies at bay with the help of your knife. Additionally, you will also receive a melee weapon that you can keep with you permanently.

Breakout Back 4 Blood Card

As the name suggests, the Breakout card will help you escape from the clutches of a zombie if you do find yourself caught up. Finding yourself in the clutches of a zombie can be rather scary, because you might even end up dying. This makes the Breakout card quite an important part of this deck. This card helps you all the more when you are not playing with a group of Cleaners. With this card, you will also receive a Breakout Cooldown reduction of 50%.

Reload Drills

The Reload Drills card is an uncomplicated reload perk that sheds all of the negatives that come with the other cards. Along with being much better than other reload cards, you will also notice a quicker reload speed of up to 20%.

Mandatory PT

Mandatory PT is the kind of card in Back 4 Blood that not only helps you, but also helps your entire team. It does so by boosting stamina. This helps you sprint much more quickly while also helping you to have the ability to inflict more melee attacks. To add to the advantages, this card offers bonuses on the basis of percentage. This means that the Mandatory PT card is not static, and it complements the other cards in your deck too. It boosts stamina by up to 15%

Second Chance Back 4 Blood Card

As the name suggests, the Second Chance card offers you another shot at life in case you die. Along with giving you an Extra Life, it also enhances your health by giving you a small boost. So what you get with this card is 5 Health and 1 Extra Life.


You will find the Shredder card to be quite helpful when you face-off against boss enemies or Mutations. The Shredder allows you to be able to kill enemies much more quickly than usual by adding an increased damage of 1% for a period of 3 seconds.

Pep in Your Step

Adding the Pep in your Step card to your deck in Back 4 Blood can help improve your accuracy. It does so by enhancing your speed with a movement boost. Each Precision Kill with this card will give you a 10% increase in Move Speed for a period of 5 seconds.


When you add the Vanguard card to your B4B deck, we recommend you team it up with the Combat Knife and other melee weapons. This card helps heal both, your friends as well as yourself by giving you 1 Temporary Health with each Melee kill.

Patient Hunter

The Patient Hunter is not the kind of card you will find yourself using all the time. It is more of a situational card, but it still has loads of potential. The 30% damage with this card is extremely helpful whenever you battle against huge Mutations like the Ogre.

In the Zone

The In the Zone card in your B4B deck will offer you quicker reload and accuracy stats. The best part about this card is its ability to complement the Pep in Your Step card. This is because both of these cards are quite similar to each other.

With this, we arrive at the end of our 10 best deck cards for Back 4 Blood list. As you can see, each of these cards offer you bonuses and abilities that enhances your chances of progressing in the game. The great thing about some of these cards is the fact that you can even team them up for much better results.

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