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How To Get Graven Mass Talisman In Elden Ring (Location)

Here's what you need to know if you're planning to obtain the Graven Mass Talisman in Elden Ring.

Until this point in Elden Ring, you will have known about the Graven Mass Talisman and if you’re a mage, you want to grab it as soon as possible. It significantly enhances the potency of Sorceries, as a mage that’s the most important item to add to your inventory. This is a guide on how to get to the location of the Graven Mass Talisman and collect it. Let’s not waste time and dive in.

Elden Ring Graven Mass Talisman Location


elden ring graven mass talisman location
Image Credit: iSeraph on YouTube

The Graven Mass Talisman is located at Albinauric Rise. To get to Albinauric Rise, you have to first get to Inner Consecrated Snowfield. From there you have to venture east to the site of Albinauric Rise using the pathfinder.

To get the Graven Mass Talisman , you have to start your journey from the main academy gate. You have to find an isolated merchant near the main academy gate and get the fanged imp ashes. You will need it once you reach the Albinauric Rise. Once you have collected the fanged imp ashes, summon your torrent and venture to the Inner Consecrated Snowfield.


How to Solve the Puzzle at Albinauric Rise

Once you reach the Albinauric Rise, you will have to solve a puzzle to climb the rise. You will notice a figure of imps fighting near the wall and the imps who are guarding the tower. Now, there are two ways to solve the puzzle, one is to summon the fanged imp using the fanged imps ashes you had collected near the main academy gate. The fanged imp will summon imps to battle with the imps guarding the tower. Even if you can kill them but it is better to let your imps attack them at least once.

Alternately, you can use the bewitching branch on one of the imps and watch them kill each other for you. Once the puzzle is solved, you will be able to get in and climb the ladder which will lead you to the Talisman. Collect it and click on the inventory to access it.


Hopefully, this will help ease your journey to the Albinauric Rise. To check out more guides on Elden Ring you can check out our articles on Gamer Tweak.