SteamWorld Build Granite Guide (Location & Mine)

Can’t break the Granite blocks in SteamWorld Build? Here is how to mine them.

In SteamWorld Build materials are the most crucial thing. From daily survival to development, the requirement will keep increasing. As you dig deeper through the dungeons you will discover more and more materials, some of which wouldn’t be easy to mine. Granite is one such resource you will find while excavating, but wouldn’t be able to break its blocks with Pickaxe.

You will need something more advanced and sturdy for it. Not sure what it is? No worries as here we have covered everything you need for mining the Granite in SteamWorld Build.

How to Break Granite in SteamWorld Build

Break Granite in Steamworld Build
Image Credit: Born 2 Game on YouTube

To break Granite Blocks you need Carbide Drills, produced in the Carburizing Plant. It is one of the Aristobot Buildings that you get to use after Milestone 10+. To build the Carburizing Plant you need 14 Tools, 12 Boards, 16 Sheet Metal, 15 Plastic, 18,000 Cash, and 35 Aristobots. You can unlock more Aristobots by fulfilling the needs of your engineers and improving the town.

Once you have collected and built it, you need to gather some Oil and Ironium, as this refinery will combine them to produce Carbide Drills. Oil is obtained from the Oil Refinery by refining Crude Oil, found in the mines. Ironium is also obtained from the mines.

Where to Find Granite?

Now that you know how to mine Granite, you might be curious about its location. Granite blocks are found in Marshy Ruins, which you access with the Mineshaft Elevator of the Dusty Caverns. The Mineshaft is broken, and you will need 25 Sheet Metal, 40 Boards, some Cash, and 10 Aristobots to repair it.

With this, you can now find and mine the Granite in SteamWorld Build. For more interesting and useful guides like this, you should skim through our Video Game section right here on the Gamer Tweak.