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Grand Theft Auto III Ported and Running on Nintendo Switch

One of the modders ported Grand Theft Auto III to Nintendo Switch.

None of the games in the GTA series have ever been released on the Nintendo Switch, so modder and programmer Adrian Graber decided to fix the situation. He brought Grand Theft Auto III to the Nintendo Switch console using the work of the team GTAmodding/RockstarVision. Enthusiasts are developing open-source GTA 3.


Graber was able to port the team’s developments by teaching the game to work with controllers. He also modified the graphics engine, adapting it to the capabilities of the console’s Nvidia Tegra X1 chip. The enthusiast managed to achieve consistent performance: Grand Theft Auto III for Switch runs in 720p resolution at 30 fps in portable mode.

The original audio format used in GTA 3 has also been compressed, limiting the performance of the Switch as its processor tries to decode music and dialogue. The modder solved this problem by batch converting the entire game library to an uncompressed format that doesn’t waste the limited resources of the hybrid console.

Its version of GTA 3 will only run on a modified console – so those wishing to try the classic Rockstar game will have to violate the terms of service of Nintendo Switch. It is also not yet known how the Rockstar and Take-Two lawyers will react to the project – it is possible that they will demand to ban the distribution of the port for the Switch or the open-source version.


How the ported GTA 3 works can be seen in the video from the Modern Vintage Gamer YouTube channel below.