Is Granblue Fantasy Relink A Sequel Or Prequel? (Answered)

Played the earlier games in the Granblue Fantasy series? You might be wondering if Granblue Fantasy Relink is a sequel or prequel. Our guide here has all the answers you need.

If you are a Granblue Fantasy veteran or someone who has played the earlier games in the series, you might commonly wonder if the Granblue Fantasy Relink is a Sequel or Prequel. Many players in the gaming community have had this question since the game is a part of the series. However, they don’t know exactly where to place it amidst the other games.

Published by Cygames, the series started with Granblue Fantasy back in 2014 which was received widely. It was then followed by Granblue Fantasy Versus, released in 2020, the 2.5D animated console fighting video game was another successful part for the studio. A sequel termed Grablue Fantasy Versus Rising was next in line and released in December 2023. The latest, of course, is the Granblue Fantasy Relink which has been significantly popular among the fans of the series.

Is Granblue Fantasy Relink a Sequel or Prequel?

Is Granblue Fantasy Relink a Sequel or Prequel
Image Source: Cygames

Granblue Fantasy Relink is neither a sequel nor a prequel. While it does have similarities with the original series, it’s more of a spin-off rather than being involved directly. Granblue Fantasy Relink is set in the same fictional realm as the original game but takes place in a different location altogether. However, you might see a few returning characters from the original game.

Granblue Fantasy takes place in the Sky Realm, a world where myriad islands float in a great blue expanse. Players take the role of captain of a skyfaring crew, joined by a scrappy little dragon named Vyrn and a young girl with mysterious powers named Lyria.

Currently, it’s the second top seller globally on Steam, beaten only by Palworld. Originally titled Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link in August 2016, the game was set to be a collaboration between PlatinumGames and Cygames. However, the game has been delayed since their departure in 2019 and Cygames had to do it all on their own.

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