Gran Turismo 7 for PS5 Possibly Leaked

According to a leak, it seems that a new title of Gran Turismo simulation racing franchise is on the way for PlayStation 5 after PS4 had Gran Turismo Sport. Although it is not yet known what type of game it will be and when it will be available, an error in a publication could have revealed that the next game in the franchise will be Gran Turismo 7 and would be one of the great launch surprises for the new console of Sony.

After the controversy surrounded Gran Turismo Sport due to the lack of understanding its proposal, designed for a competitive online environment, the logical thing was to think that the next project should be Gran Turismo 7. Well, it seems that this could be close to being confirmed as the manufacturer of simulation title for racing games, Next Level Racing, made a publication that has raised the hype of the fans to the maximum.

According to reports, the Instagram account of Next Level Racing featured a post asking what was the racing title that most excited them this year. The detail was that the logos of Automobilista 2, F1 2020, and DiRT 5 which included the supposed logo of Gran Turismo 7.

Obviously the followers of the Next Level Racing account did not take long to question the presence of the Gran Turismo 7 logo and the expectation increased when they realized that the other 3 titles are racing games not only confirmed but also planned to arrive this year.

In this sense, the publication has suggested that the new Gran Turismo could be one of the PS5 launch games and that it would be presented at the event that Sony would carry out in a few weeks, according to reports.

In the meantime, it is worth mentioning that Next Level Racing is an officially licensed company from PlayStation and Polyphony Digital, so its products are directly related to the Gran Turismo franchise.

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