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Gran Turismo 7 Launch Window Leaked in PS5 Ad

Announced last June during the PlayStation Showcase, Gran Turismo 7 is certainly one of the most anticipated and desired titles by future buyers of Sony’s next-gen console.

The new title of Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo 7, since the very first chapter, has managed to win the hearts of motoring enthusiasts thanks to the attention to detail, the long-lasting Career mode, and its immense car park, characteristic of the series.


For this reason, any news relating to the title of the Japanese software house is particularly attentive by fans who, at the moment, do not know when they will be able to get their hands on the game. Yet, it would appear that something is moving in that direction.

In the last few hours, an advertisement in French has emerged on the net, sponsored by Sony on the Google search engine, bearing the words “Sortie prévue pour la première moitié de 2021,” which after translation means “release scheduled for the first half of 2021,” the image shown at the top of the article could therefore be a sort of unofficial announcement of the game’s launch window which, at present, is still shrouded in the deepest mystery.

Fortunately, more information is known about the game. A few weeks ago Polyphony Digital and Sony announced, for example, that the game on PlayStation 5 will support 4K resolution and 60 fps. These two details, combined with the graphics at the limit of photorealism shown in the various trailers, promise to provide a satisfying gaming experience also on a visual level.


Gran Turismo 7 will also fully support the features of the DualSense controller, such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, in order to perceive the different sensations that are normally experienced when driving a real car.